highly sensitive?

I came across a new (to me) blog (although I’ve linked to it before I think) and found some posts about being highly sensitive. And introverted. And I do think I am somewhat introverted but I had never thought of myself as highly sensitive. In this post she gives ideas on how to care for the highly sensitive parent. And she links to another post here that gives some good information too.

My kids, man I love my kids. But all of the talking makes me about crazy sometimes. They all talk to me at once. I should write down the number of times they say ‘mom’ in one day. And I want to be available to them and I want to want to be around them. But when I’m not getting any downtime it makes it very hard for me to want that. This past weekend was a great example. We had a lot of things on our schedule. Fun things, great things, I wouldn’t have wanted to skip any of them. But at the same time they all fell on one weekend and in between those fun things I didn’t schedule any downtime for myself. Time with no one talking to me. Not even my kids.

In the time management post she reminded me of a few things that I’ve forgotten lately. Number one being there should be a difference between an ideal reality and a real reality. I can wish to finish all the items on my to-do list every day but it’s not going to happen. I have kids and I have a need for downtime for myself. And I’m not super human. So I’ve started scheduling my tasks like she does on her post and it’s helping a lot (nerd alert – I still have a paper planner and I love it).


She explains that time management is really energy management. And that rings so true to me. I’m not pregnant and barely breastfeeding but I still get tired and still need breaks and can’t do it all. I have to be reminded of that still though. Lower the expectations and get the essentials done. You can see above that each box corresponds with the day on the left page so I know which day to do each item. I sent to HyVee yesterday and dropped a package at their little post office area so I was able to cross of the post office for today. I decided to skip going to Trader Joe’s later in the week and just buy chocolate chips and butter at HyVee (good enough is better than perfect) and that meant I got to scratch that off of Thursday. The midwife is for a well woman check not a pregnancy (for curious minds). The system is brand new, only two days in, so obviously it isn’t some long term perfect fit. But I feel less stressed out and less frazzled and so I’m calling it a success thus far.


She also has some tips for taking care of the HSP, which I linked to above but are as follows:

start the day right – I start most days with a run, or I aim to start my days in that way. The day starts early (5:10/5:30 am) so I’m not going to get up earlier to pray. I was very conflicted about this for awhile but we often pray on our runs and once a week I try to stop in to the Pinks to pray. So I’m calling this good. I would like to work on eating a better more balanced breakfast.

embrace routine – I think our routine is fairly set for us because of the kids being in school and activities but I could do better. It’s just always changing so I’ve embraced being flexible.

outsource the talking – I do this currently by tv shows or movies for the kids but I love that she does audio books. I need to try that for sure.

enforce quiet time – Back at this and it’s so hard! Ada fights it like a boss, like she’s the boss of me, and some days I would like to not fight her and so I give in and let her stay up. Our days are both better if we get a break from talking to each other for 30 minutes or an hour a day. So we are back at it.

control the clutter – Yes! The post about my capsule wardrobe was the start of some major clean up around here. It is amazing how much better my closet feels and how much easier it is to get dressed. The husband and I have been cleaning out the basement, installing shelving, and taking piles to goodwill (the old owners left us a lot of their lovely possessions too). My mind does so much better if I can look around and not see stuff everywhere. If I know that everything has a place. It’s coming along.

limit the amount of information you are taking in during the school day – I’m not homeschooling but I’m taking in a lot of information via instagram, FB, blogs, email, etc. I don’t watch television during the day but the online stuff is a serious time suck. I think I could do better to limit this and need to put some plans in place.

be deliberate about how you rest and recharge – and yes, again, so smart. I often will veg out at night in front of the television watching silly HGTV shows and then it’s bedtime. And it’s not that there is anything wrong with tv, it’s just that it leaves me feeling not at all fulfilled and relaxed. I could find better ways to spend my time.

Are you highly sensitive? Are you an introvert or extrovert? What do you do to take care of these parts of yourself?

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last week in photos

steroids for Luisa and her croup.

attempting to pray a decade of the rosary and we had some extra items with the vocation bag from school being at our house. and the iPad and smoke detector.

talking on the remote phone
she loves to talk on the remote as if it’s a phone. “hello!”

st. nick hat
St. Nicholas hat from pre-k.

I asked Della to take a picture of me reading to Luisa. she constantly brings me books and says “eh eh eh” which means ‘put me on your lap and read this to me’

Luisa mouth full
Della shared her banana with Luisa so the whole thing was promptly put in her mouth.

playing with play dough.

christmas cards
christmas cards!

school pickup
school pick up. on Friday we had an 11, 12:30, 2 with an early dismissal and Cora had an after school activity.

and I was packing to go to Omaha for the night.

corporate christmas
corporate christmas party.

Emily & Luisa
two babies in tubs.

gingerbread house beginnings.

gingerbread houses
Luisa figured it out too and wanted in on it

post nutcracker
Sunday we went to the Nutcracker and this was after. everyone was tired but it was fun!

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monday: best of last week

:: on taking less photos ::

:: my calling is uncomfortable ::

:: living with kids ::

:: “In order to truly extend hospitality we must put away our pride. We must be willing to open our doors, no matter the state of homes or our wardrobes, and to graciously seek to make our visitors feel welcome and at ease. When we do this, we allow people to see us as we are. We put away the pretense and we offer ourselves with all our weaknesses.” from here ::

:: making marshmallows – this is on my to do list but feels overwhelming. these instructions are thorough ::

:: a clarinet from a carrot. very cool. (via) ::

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I swore I wouldn’t do it. One of the latest trends to sweep through the land’o’blogs (or at least the blogs I read). What could Kelly be going on and on about this time? A capsule wardrobe. I kept thinking to myself that it was a nice thing for other people to do. Other people with a shopping problem. Or too many clothes.




So maybe I have too many clothes. And if I’m being honest I have extra clothes in Luisa’s closet and also in the basement on a spare clothing rod. I’m not going to count my maternity clothes or ‘in between sizes before or after a baby’ clothes as being too much, they have to stick around. So I decided to give it a go and complete a winter capsule wardrobe. I don’t need short sleeves or shorts or anything spring/fall/summer for living here in the winter so I thought it was fairly easy.


I was shocked by the difference though. The white shoe organizer was full before I did the purging and now it contains 3 pairs of shoes (with four more pairs off to the side). The rod that was stuffed so full I couldn’t see the items hanging on it? It now has far fewer choices but they are all things I feel good about wearing.

How my capsule breaks down (I should note that I didn’t include under garments, workout stuff, pajamas, socks in this. And I would include more dresses/skirts if it weren’t winter and freezing here all the time):

8 long sleeve tee shirt type shirts
5 long sleeve button up shirts
3 cardigans
1 jacket
1 pair black pants
2 pairs of jeans
2 dresses (one for dressing up and one more casual)
2 skirts
8 pairs of shoes (7 for every day and 1 dressy pair (not pictured))

And how is it going?

I was shocked that I wanted to shop just a few days after I made the capsule. The whole point is to not need to shop, to save time and money. But I was reading a blog and there was this amazing deal and look how cute it is on her and and and. I could justify it for days but I closed the window and resisted.

I’m amazed at how easy it is to get dressed. I grab one of the items and match it with one of the few bottoms and I’m on my way.

Why am I posting this? What significance does any of this have? Am I really that vain?

I guess I just wanted to point out (to myself) that we don’t necessarily need as much as we think we do. This society is so more, more, more all of the time. And I’m ready to step off of the more train and embrace enough. And to warn you that you might see me in the same clothes over and over again for three months. ;)

Would you ever try it?


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last week in photos

turkey dinner
turkey dinner.

christmas cards
Christmas cards!

lunch from Amigos when she told me that the ketchup is spicy and she needs a drink after she eats it.

she wasn’t tired so she took a rest on the couch. and promptly fell asleep.

nursing while she holds a bracelet she stole from her sisters room.

the husband took a day off from work and I went to Ikea with a friend on a Thursday. And I guess I should say a day “off” as he spent 4 hours on conference calls and most of the day working from home. it was so fun to get away for a day though.

post hair wash curls.

St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas came!

letter to Santa
Della’s letter to Santa.

Ada woke up Sunday morning a lot later than Luisa and she got about 15 hugs from Lulu.


church morning
Sunday morning church but only Della was going. The other three had croup.

nebulizer for the croup.

we found this toy in the basement while cleaning and she was really into it.

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monday: best of last week

:: a post about prayer time that reflects a lot of my own thoughts lately ::

:: living with kids ::

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last week in photos

always takes the socks and shoes off in the car. and it’s so cold outside!

and if anyone leaves the wipe container open she will find one and wipe her face over and over and over. love this age.

b&bw – one of my least favorite places, it gives me a headache. why do I have three girls who love (!!!!!) the store?

della birthday
and Olive Garden for her early birthday dinner.

I don’t remember if this was snack or breakfast.

on our way to Genoa
on our way to see Kelly’s dad. we always go for pizza on the Friday after thanksgiving.

thanksgiving grandpa john
grandpa john always puts pennies on the train track and the kids go out and see how many were smashed.

thanksgiving grandpa john Luisa Jaxson
her cousin, they are a few weeks apart in age.

Della's 7th Birthday
and he always has cupcakes or cake for her birthday.

sunshine November
Saturday was my day. I think it was over 70 degrees. no wind. gorgeous.

Della's 7th Birthday
we were supposed to do Thanksgiving with my family Saturday but my nephew was sick so we went to see Grandma and Grandpa instead. it was Della’s actual birthday on Saturday too. Seven!

girls on stairs.

we ran to Omaha to pick up something and left the big three with grandma and just took Luisa. she fell right asleep.

sunset on the way home.

Della's 7th Birthday
more birthday presents.

birthday party Della
painting at Paint Yourself Silly for Della’s birthday.

tree and Luisa
Luisa loves the tree.

christmas tree

advent candles with a broken candle already.


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