last week in photos

Cora stage
Cora was in a little performance Monday (no school).

Monday night post-TCBY beautiful sky.

train table
I had a return at Von Maur and the kids wanted to play with the train table.

striped pajamas
$8 clearance pajama pants from Marshalls.

plant stand
and my husband put together the new Ikea plant stand.

pre-k pickup
pre-k pickup.

leaf pile
leaf pile!

mornings are tough. she really didn’t want to put her shoes on.

looking for suggestions on more natural makeup options….

Lewis and Luisa
Lewis and Luisa. Friday morning play date and the two little ones couldn’t go outside.

writing a thank you
writing a long overdue thank-you.

golfing Cora
Kelly took Cora and Della golfing Saturday.

Luisa in the leaves.

fairy ada
she wore the fairy leaves on a walk Friday night.

Lulu and Lola
Luisa and Lola.

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monday: best of last week

:: That Stranger and the Worst Thing He Ever Said to Me ::

:: is sitting worse than donuts – this is shocking. not the donut part, we know those are bad. the sitting part. and that “exercise doesn’t mitigate the harmful effects of sitting.” yikes. ::

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last week in photos

Monday morning pre-k pick up.

after school homework on the stairs outside. enjoying the warmth while we can.

Kelly was out of town for work so I walked the girls to school.

and she ate apples on the steps of the church while we waited for mass to start and she told me “that spot hurts” (pointing to the back of her head) “it hurts on my back chin” – I love when they come up with stuff like this.

she found this toy at the mall and wouldn’t get off!

our parish priest came over one night and I thought we needed pie for him coming. he didn’t want any.

Daddy’s home! and we had the rosary bag from school.

baby ipad
Kelly gave her the ipad to entertain herself while I dried my hair.

baby ipad
she was pretty happy about it.

they were having so much fun!

His & Hers
Kelly ran Market to Market Saturday (almost 12 hours) and I got a babysitter and met them at the finish. we went to Mellow Mushroom after for some pizza and beer.

and Sunday I went to Ikea with three girlfriends and it was very good!

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monday: best of last week

:: breast cancer risk factors and Fight Like a Girl & a Stella and Dot trunk show ::

:: living with kids ::

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last week in photos

last day of cheer.

she saw herself in the camera. and she had to be on my lap (or held) all the day long.

cookie & keurig while I wait for my hair to process? I’ll take that as ‘me time’.

St. T
St. Teresa feast day – the girls get to dress up as St. Teresa and sit in the front of the church. I’m pretty sure those costumes aren’t on correctly.

new shirt from Grandma and the whole bar in her mouth. doesn’t stand still = all her pictures are blurry now.

life is better with him here (he was sneaker shopping).

super rainy and grey week. I was done with it.

friday off
Friday off of school = lazy morning.

pumpkin muffins
chocolate chip pumpkin muffins.

little red volleyball
Little Red! the husband took the older three girls to a UNL volleyball game Saturday night.

I ran a 5k Sunday morning in Omaha with my old running friends (and then got breakfast at Wheatfields).


ada sleeps
Kelly took this picture of Ada after nap on Sunday. she rarely naps but once in awhile she needs it.

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monday: best of last week

:: living with kids ::

:: if my child marries yours. made me cry. (found it on facebook, don’t remember who posted it, but thanks) ::

:: thoughts on Italy with kids – I’m not traveling to Italy with our children but I like her general thoughts on traveling with kids. good reminders ::

:: resting in the run ::

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seven quick takes – October

linking up with Jen.

:: 1 ::

So it really is October and it really is going to be fall now. I can tell that the light has changed, it’s more golden. There is a chill to the air these days (the overnight low is 37!). I’m making this apple cake today yesterday (that cake is so good and so easy), the girls were off of school for conferences (we were going to go to the zoo but it’s cold), so we stayed home and took it easy.

:: 2 ::

Speaking about conferences. Everyone is doing well academically. Socially there is a problem in one of the grades with a lot of the girls. So my girl is part of the problem but not the only problem. I look around at all these other families and I think that they look like they have it all figured out. They look like they are making things work, their kids are awesome, their lives sparkle. I have to remind myself I’m not alone or I start to feel crazy.

:: 3 ::

I’m finding a lot of ideas for freezer crock pot meals on pinterest/blogs. Do you have any you like? Is this a terrible idea? I’m completely unmotivated to cook between our activities after school/early evening and the toddler who screams at my leg any time I’m in the kitchen.

:: 4 ::

Have you seen this travelogue for Tuscany? And she also has Italy. They always have the most beautiful pictures and they make me want to travel.

:: 5 ::

I bought this scarf Thursday. This cold weather has me absolutely freezing and I won’t warm back up until spring. I asked the husband what he thought of it and he said “it looks like a blanket” – ok then.


:: 6 ::

I’ve always dreamt of living in NYC after we first traveled there from CT (where we lived 2003-2004). We took the train in and we stepped out of Grand Central and my jaw must have just hit the floor. It was love at first sight. This blog makes living in NYC with kids look like fun (even though I know it’s outrageously expensive and our four kids are almost unheard of there).

:: 7 ::

happy weekend!

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