last week in photos

sisters playing
sisters playing.

I took the kids to the (Lincoln) zoo and forgot my phone! They kept asking for me to take a picture but I couldn’t. So I took this one of Della when we got home while she told me about the zoo.

giving her baby kisses. Luisa kisses = sucking on the baby’s head.

lunch outside
we had a gorgeous week last week, lows in the 50′s and highs in the 70′s. so we ate lunch on the porch.

and the girls had a picnic in the grass.

'sissy's here!'
Luisa was fussing so Ada ran over repeating “sissy’s here! sissy’s here! no crying!”.

our neighbors across the street had us over for s’mores.



Friday morning at the library.

pushing the toy cart around
and lunch with Grandma and Aunt Mimi – they love pushing this toy cart around.

Luisa is standing
Luisa started standing on Saturday. Her hand is blurry because she was going to start clapping – she wants everyone to clap and yell ‘yay’ for her!

city meet
city swim meet on Saturday afternoon.

and out with my husband that night. we saw Begin Again and we liked it a lot. then we walked down to the haymarket for a drink.

Della Kate Lydia
we had some friends in town Sunday morning that we miss dearly, so nice to see them!

swim meet potluck
I had a baby shower in the afternoon and then we had the swim team potluck that night.

participant medals
they got participant medals and were so, so happy. thrilled.

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monday: best of last week

:: Living With Kids – I love that it’s not perfect, not fully redone ::

:: will someone please have a breakfast taco bar and invite me? ::

:: appetizers for dinner is my most favorite dinner. ever. ::

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So I’ve “attempted” a whole30 twice now. I say “attempted” because I’ve only lasted two days each time. I have so many thoughts on how we eat and I don’t know how to get them all out but I’m going to try.

The whole30 is a 30 day program that eliminates a bunch of different food to try to get you to healthier eating habits and a healthier (better functioning hormones) body. I think in general the idea can work. I don’t know that their specific plan is the best. They say that you can’t eat any sugar, alcohol, legumes, grains (including rice and quinoa), or dairy. They also limit additives. If you dig around their website you will find all kinds of reasons on why these foods are not good for us. I even bought, and read, It Starts With Food and the science seems legit (I’m not a scientist obviously).

So my biggest issues with the diet lifestyle?

: I just don’t know how healthy it is to eliminate whole food groups for the rest of your life. I see their success stories. People with MS that have completely healed. People who have IBS or Crohns or whatever digestive disease and who feel completely better.

: I feel terrible on the diet. I know they say you have ‘carb flu’ for the first week or so and I believe it. My brain stops functioning correctly though. I have four little kids to take care of! They are talking to me and asking for things and I have to make them meals (and keep them alive!). And I felt like I couldn’t register the words coming out of their mouths in my brain.

: The food got boring. I was only two days in but I could barely get the food down. I was sick of only eating vegetables and protein. I nearly gagged trying to get down my lunch. I suppose I could lose a lot of weight on a diet that was full of foods I could barely eat. I don’t really want to lose a lot of weight though.

: I do think sugar is bad for us, I doubt even in moderation it is good for us. I don’t know about the legumes and grains though. I’m sure alcohol has no redeeming qualities but I like a little bit here and there.

: I restricted my food a lot in high school. I wasn’t anorexic but when I look back at what I allowed myself to eat I feel shocked. Half of a plain bagel does not count as dinner. When I started the whole30 it felt like disordered eating to me. My friend posted an article on facebook today that talked about orthorexia and the whole30 reminds me of that so much.

I like popcorn and a movie. I want chocolate on a daily basis. Are my eating habits going to make me less healthy in the long run? Am I going to get MS or cancer or a terrible bowel disease? I don’t know and that is the question I guess. How much is it worth. If I were really, really sick would I be willing to shift my eating habits for the rest of my life? I don’t know that either. For me it just takes the fun out of life and the fun out of eating.

Do you follow any specific diet plan? Do you think grains or sugar or alcohol (or whatever food group) are all bad?


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on confession

It’s strange having a child old enough to receive the sacraments. Last week Cora asked if we could go to confession. I forgot that they go monthly during the school year (with their class) but she hadn’t been since school has been out. Awesome Catholic Mom of the Year!

I said that we would go on Saturday and then Saturday came and I dreaded going. I’ve only gone a few times since we moved and those times have been at a parish that is not my home parish. I’m embarrassed that the priest might recognize me and then….. what, see that I’m not perfect like everyone else in the parish? I couldn’t think of a good excuse to take Cora to a different parish so we went to our regular one (it’s just a few blocks away!).

I drove to church (it was so hot! so humid!) absolutely dreading confession. I was even going to suggest Cora just do it and I could sit this round out. I went in though, wanting to do it with her. We knelt in the dark church and prayed and waited for the priest to come. As luck would have it he was late and walked up and down the aisle next to us a few times and smiled and said hello. Again I wanted to crawl into some dark hole and not confess, not go, not be seen.

But we stood up and went to the line. She even asked me to go first and I did. And I sweat the whole time and was nearly in tears and I don’t know why it is so hard every single time. But I got my penance and my absolution and I opened the door to let Cora in and my heart felt light. Forgiveness of my sins, concrete forgiveness, is one of my favorite things about the Catholic Church.

I knelt and prayed and Cora came out and knelt and prayed. We both sat down together for a minute and she said “that was so fun!” and I had to ask her to clarify. She explained that confession is so fun and she was just beaming. Outside the church she talked about how good it feels to have a clean soul and she felt “sparkly clean!” and I just smiled. May she always have that childlike view of confession and may some of it rub off on me.


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brain dump

I have so many silly thoughts running through my head….

1 : Kelly and I started a Whole30 yesterday on Monday. It is taking every bit of me to keep going. I want chocolate so bad. I have more thoughts on this and will write them at some point. Update – he is still doing the whole30. I quit tonight last night. I just can’t. I feel like a failure!

2 : I sometimes start thinking we should have another baby/child (or start trying) and then I think “Kelly, pace yourself. You are only 33. What if you keep having babies at this rate for the next 15-20 years?” and I think how ridiculous that seems/sounds. I mean, pace yourself, really?

3 : We are thinking about going to the Midwest Catholic Family Conference. Has anyone been?

4 : We received papers in the mail from our school for the girls this fall. School starts August 19th. Target has school supplies out so we know it’s legit. I go back and forth between being so ready for them to go back and dreading them going back.

5 : On the positive note of the children returning to school – my (almost) four year old has stopped napping since her very! exciting! fun! sisters are playing legos in the playroom upstairs during the time when she should be sleeping. And I suppose she’s almost four and probably will give up the nap soon. But she still dearly needs it. Crabbiest kid ever without a nap. On the plus side, she goes to bed easily.

6 : I came across this book while at the Pink Sisters with my bible study last night. It’s a good read, helpful for those people who go to adoration and don’t know what to do with themselves. Not that I would know….

7 : It’s been cold here. 50 degrees over night and that means a long sleeve tee in the morning while I run. Which is just crazy for July! It’s usually so super hot and so super humid that I can’t breathe on my runs.

8 : My beauty uniform is such an enchanting little series and I love to read over the posts.

9 : A friend gave me a copy of 33 Days to Morning Glory and we started Sunday. And it’s good so far.

10 : Happy Wednesday!


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last week in photos

swim team
swim team.

she won a ribbon at the last swim meet, her first ribbon! she was so happy!

Kelly took the kids to the park for twenty minutes so I could try to finish organizing school papers. the clouds were crazy.

clouds Cora Daddy
these two.

more clouds (he took all these pictures).


cake pop
I could not wake up so we walked to Starbucks. Ada got a cake pop.

and I got cold brew.

she told me “sometimes people who is three years old needs ems moms too” (ems=thems) as I snuggled her on my lap.

only wants to be outside.

lunch with grandma
lunch with Grandma and Aunt Mimi!

her hair has been so curly with the crazy humidity.

we swing a lot because it usually keeps her happy.

Cora made this board game and they all happily played it. for ten minutes maybe.

$1.99 sale on cherries for one day at whole foods.

we ate at Momo after mass Saturday night. the food was good (not amazingly awesome but good) but the atmosphere seems more date night than family friendly.

pool Saturday night
and then we went to the pool!

Cora Della One Mile
Cora and Della ran the one mile race Sunday morning.

Kelly One Mile
as did the husband. he ran a 5:04 mile!

La Mars
and we got La Mars! one box for us and one box to take the the family that was over for dinner Friday night. there little boy needed stitches after falling on our doll house……

waiting for daddy after the race.

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monday: best of last week

:: “People pretty much give me a pass on having all these kids once they see that they don’t absolutely prohibit one from wearing things that button. So that’s nice.” Why What I wear Matters ::

:: Living with Kids ::

:: I love this giant white weaving ::

:: how about a treehouse with a climbing wall? ::

:: 20 natural remedies for clogged ducts or mastitis ::

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