Please – any good recipes to share?

For Kelly’s birthday dinner he requested ribs. I got a yummy rib recipe from a friend of mine and after he inspected it he said I need to use one that has a dry rub. A what? So after some google time I found this one on the website. And I of course used their bbq sauce and dry rub recipes too. And now I am well versed in dry rubs, something I had never known anything about before.

In addition to the ribs I made Pioneer Woman’s Whiskey Glazed Carrots which are just so dang good. The carrots were delicious.

Then I “made” a box of cornbread and opened (and heated) up a can of baked beans. And my mom’s carrot cake recipe. Which is his favorite dessert in the whole wide world. With cream cheese frosting.


And in non-birthday related cooking. I don’t remember where I found the recipe for best chocolate chip cookie bars (pinterest probably). They really are so very good though. I ate almost all of them though so they will only be made when some can be given away.

And oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip scones are always a hit around here. I made them for a baby shower last weekend with dairy/soy free margarine and almond milk (with vinegar in it to replace the buttermilk) and they were just as good as with real buttermilk and butter. I don’t add peanuts to the peanut butter though, I just use creamy.

I puffy heart puffs was another baby shower food item. And while they weren’t a huge hit at the shower, my husband and children loved these. I made half with the cream cheese/whipped cream filling (and a strawberry on top) and the other half I filled with lemon curd (Trader Joe’s) and put a raspberry on top. These are very tasty and easy and cute.

Also – Shauna Niequists’s White Chicken Chili – easy and tasty.

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happy birthday!

To My Dear Husband, The world is better because you are here. Our family is better because you are here. I’ve known you for 15 years and I don’t remember life before you. I don’t want to think of life before you. There are five girls (plus Lola) in this family that adore you and thank you for all you do for us. You are the best father, husband, companion, and friend. And I thank you for being you.

visit with Santa

Happy (34th) Birthday Kelly Jay!

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last week in photos

making scones and cupcake toppers.

it got really, really cold. Lola and I were not impressed.

reading this and liking it a lot.

so much focus and determination.

old paint
finally (two years later) got the husband to paint the bathroom. this green is before.

new paint
and this is after. though I think this picture makes it look tan and it’s more grey.

a better shot of the grey (because apparently I’m obsessed with my bathroom, sorry).

she put jeans on last week and she looked so big to me – she never wears jeans.

new favorite – stacking and knocking down.

they begged to read one chapter before school and he did.

visit with Santa
everyone was really good at mass so we went to the mall for lunch. we realized while we were eating that Santa was there so decided to go visit him (and yes I know it’s before Thanksgiving and I don’t really care. I’m not taking my kids to the mall in December). they wouldn’t let us take pictures though! they wanted us to buy their packages that start at $20. #toocheapforthat

sunday night relaxing
just relaxing on the pillows. not tired….

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monday: best of last week

:: Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down to 2 Basic Traits (thanks Erin) ::

:: Planning Thanksgiving with a yummy looking brussels sprouts & apple salad recipe ::

:: how to fake amazing brows ::

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last week in photos

stayed up way too late finishing this book but it was so good!

I voted.

and then went for donuts and more coffee. the husband informed me at 6:40 am that he was leaving at 7 for a work breakfast and that he had a work dinner that same night as well. it was a day that needed some extra sugar and caffeine.

so sunny.

outside Ada
Cora has an after school activity on Tues/Thurs and I have to go pick up Della. Some days we stay and play on the playground (or come early to play) so that we don’t have to drive so much.

they are so happy outside.

she is not happy at 1.5 hours of dance for her sisters. the only thing keeping her from screaming/tantrums? playing peek-a-book with the curtains on the changing rooms.

peek! isn’t 18 months too young for tantrums?

she sat for a good long while messing with her feet, wiping them off. just realizing she had something on them? I don’t know.

Cora St. Cecilia
in third grade the kids do a Saint project and Cora chose St. Cecilia – here she is dressed up for the school assembly.

Della reading
Della is reading!

coffee & sunshine
we were out of green tea so I got a coffee on the way to school pickup. and the sunshine + coffee was nice.

new scarf
new scarf.

family pictures!

soul gardening
a new soul gardening came on Saturday and I was happy to have some time to sit and read.

Kelly Jay halfsy
he ran the Good Life Halfsy in 1:19:40 (I think) and I am part proud and part jealous.

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monday: best of last week

:: new york city ballet – I loved watching these episodes ::

:: living with kids ::

:: “This is getting out of hand. We are seeing more and more cases of orthorexia nervosa”—people who progressively withdraw different foods in what they perceive as an attempt to improve their health. “First, they come off gluten. Then corn. Then soy. Then tomatoes. Then milk. After a while, they don’t have anything left to eat—and they proselytize about it.from here ::

:: how to get perfect looking skin ::

:: Garth Brooks singing about moms and babies and God and while I don’t know if this is theologically correct, who cares? it’s so sweet and it made me cry ::

:: relatively speaking, we have a problem here ::

:: litany of patience or the cholerics prayer ::

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prayer in the every day

A month (or so) ago I went on a ‘runner’s retreat’. What is a runner’s retreat? A couple of the ladies I run with planned a day of prayer and time together in Steinauer Nebraska. I posted a few pictures in one of my last week in photos posts but I never really talked about it more than that post.

It was amazing. I mean it, wonderful and spiritually fulfilling. It was nice to be with some other faithful women and a priest I had never met before but who gave me a new desire to read the bible. At the end of the day we got to go into the church for adoration (benediction?). The priest is known for putting on very loud music and he played Matt Maher Adoration. He brought the eucharist (in the monstrance) up to our faces and it was the most moving time I’ve ever had in church.

It’s hard in the daily parts of life to always feel that closeness to Jesus that I felt while on retreat and in front of the eucharist. I often play the same song now in my house. In the morning to start my day. While I’m cooking dinner and feeling overwhelmed. It reminds me to let every little action of my day be prayer. It reminds me that I’m choosing to bow to God when I do the tasks of my day.

Cooking dinner while a toddler yells at my feet? I will bow to you Jesus and do it with love.

One child coming to tell me (again) of how one of her sisters wronged her? I will bow to you Jesus and do it with love.

Feeling overwhelmed and like I can’t change another diaper/fix another meal/clean up another mess? I will bow to you Jesus and do it with love.

Am I perfect at this? Hardly. But it helps me stay reminded of the greater reason behind my days.

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