last week in photos

great grandma
great-grandma gives rides on her walker.

swinging and a big bottle of (watered down) juice because she won’t (wouldn’t) poop.

the girls found Violet in the basement and I got new batteries for her and Ada was explaining to me why she needs Violet and Luisa does not.

Smitten Kitchen peach pancakes. the recipe is here on a different blog. these were so, so good.

Luisa hasn’t been eating very well (see above: no pooping. and I think she’s getting molars). without me even asking Cora went in and helped feed her with a fork and she ate a lot better.

peach pie to make up for the peach pie I made with no sugar. it was super good.

waiting for Cora after her after-school activity.

fabric scraps
cutting out fabric for the bunny dresses. such pretty scraps.

she wants shoes now.

new dinner place – Grateful Greens. yum.

waiting in the school pick up line and brrrr I needed a sweater.

a girl and her donut.

ironing & Sesame Street.

dehydrated strawberries
dehydrated strawberries in the parking lot while we wait for her dad and sisters. messy.

sunday morning = espresso.

my dad got this picture of me and my grandpa, we celebrated his 90th on Sunday.


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monday: best of last week

:: potty training in three days or bust – we do a lot of similar things. and I like how she separates night and day training ::

:: there are no do overs ::

:: living with kids ::

:: Emily Henderson sneak peek video ::

:: post partum soothing spray (I’m not pregnant…) ::

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last week in photos

extra coffee
after a long weekend of traveling with the kids I needed more coffee to wake up.

sunshine-y morning.

walking Luisa
walking their sister.

carrying sister
and this is how they got her back to our house after they walked her. she cried if they tried to walk her back home so they carried her. while running.

carrying sister
and another.

almond butter
almond butter in the bathroom. I couldn’t figure out why so I sent the husband a text to ask him. turns out that he had it at work and wasn’t eating it so he brought it home in his work backpack and unloaded the bag in the bathroom.

homemade pizza for dinner. Cora said “it’s as good as HyVee!” (which is a compliment from her).

running through the sprinkler. I think it was 95 degrees a couple of days.

Ada goggles
goggles for the sprinklers. of course.

gold shoes pink pants
and then it cooled down to the 60’s and Luisa got to wear her new pink pants. and gold shoes.

the girls cheered at a football game.


mini cheer leader
mini cheerleader.

friday night lights
Friday night lights.

I went to Target Saturday morning to try to find a Husker shirt and I couldn’t find any women’s shirts so I got this instead.

10:30 Saturday morning and I was already on my second mimosa. Husker tailgating starts early for an 11:00 game.


football. I hadn’t been since I was pregnant with Cora. fun times.

Molly came home! we were very, very excited.

Buffalo Run
I ran the Buffalo Run Sunday morning and it was hilly. But the weather was gorgeous and the views were really pretty.

sisters post nap
post-nap snack and sister snuggles = my favorite.

because of a busy weekend we did 5 pm Sunday evening mass at St. Mary’s and went to Lazlos and to the train park to play.

and then the girls (sweetly) asked if daddy wanted ice cream and he said yes and so we had dessert.

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monday: best of last week

:: living with kids ::

:: spicy pork tacos with peach salsa ::

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last week in photos

Monday morning at the Honda dealership. My van keeps doing a thing with the spark plug that it won’t ever do while it’s at the repair place.

We took a walk to the school playground.

nap time
Sometimes during nap time I get to read and eat a late lunch by myself and it’s so nice.

We play a lot of Zingo.

I love how she sits with her legs crossed.

my bed
my bed is her happy place.

“take a picture of us like this with my arm around her!” – Lulu clearly loves it, no?

Easter dress and flower lei and headband and blanket. She likes the extras.

Some afternoon nap times look like this. With another couple loads in the washer and dryer. And putting it all away. And packing. I’m so bad at laundry.

Her very own cookie!

Friday – on our way to Minneapolis! It had been so grey and rainy all week last week.

She slept quite a bit.

cold brew

new cookbook!

On the way to Minneapolis as it started getting dark Ada said “Last time we got to Uncle Tony’s it was pitch black. This time it’s pitch a little blue. Right guys?” and we had a good laugh.

husker catholic
Husker Catholic.

American Girl store. Molly was starting to get her hair done.

doctor at AG
And they had to call the doctor out because her hair was damaged. She is going to the doll hospital. It is quite the experience.

Playing while I wait in the crazy H&M line.

sleeping through lunch
she slept through most of lunch.

nordstrom salad
Nordstrom salad = love.

waiting at the mall
Waiting at the mall while Kelly shopped at Nordstrom Rack.

humid morning run to make the lack of sleep a little better.

old friends
Our old Omaha neighbors moved to Minneapolis and we got to see them and it was fantastic. They are the type of friends that are just easy to be with.

walking to the lake
We took a walk to a lake about four blocks from their house.

lake swim
they brought swimsuits for everyone and they got in the lake. when in Minnesota… We ate at Yum! for lunch with the friends and it was delicious.

on the way home
And the clouds on the way home. Much sunnier skies.

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monday: best of last week

:: diy hot air balloons – I think these would be cute in a nursery ::

:: living with kids ::

:: chicken parm meatballs (and I pre-ordered this cookbook and I’m so glad I did!) ::

:: age appropriate goals for mass behavior ::

:: the well stocked pantry ::

:: giving our kids the {best} gift of each other left me in tears ::

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seven quick takes – Husker Catholic!

linking up with Jen!

:: 1 ::

We are on our way out of town today to go to “Bratfest”. Kelly’s brother puts it on every year (6th year) and there are 25ish different types of bratwursts and you can sample a lot of the flavors. Everyone brings a side to share. There is a bounce house and there are kids everywhere and lot’s of beer. And the kids love it and look forward to it all year. You can see a few pictures from when we went in 2012 here (and my old herringbone brick patio that I still miss so much (silly)). And from 2011 here. Last year I was having surgery and we went in October instead.

:: 2 ::

We are also going to the Mall of America while we are there and I thought that the shirts my friend Lynn ordered for me recently would be perfect to put on the girls while at the mall. They are bright red and matching and it will help us keep track of everyone I think.

husker catholic
huskercatholic & proud

:: 3 ::

Yesterday, in preparation for going out of town, I washed and folded (and put away/packed) three loads of laundry (there were already 4+ folded on the pool table, I’m drowning in laundry lately). I cleaned the three bathrooms. I made 5 dozen cookies (aren’t cookies necessary for travel?). And I cleaned up the house and packed for everyone except the husband. All while he didn’t come home for dinner since he had a work dinner.

:: 4 ::

I forgot to post that Luisa started walking! She started on Monday the 18th of August which means she was almost exactly 15 months old. Our latest walker by a few months but she is pretty laid back. I love watching her toddle all over the house. Not much cuter.

:: 5 ::

I follow my little sister’s chiropractor on instagram and she posted a picture of her outfit wearing the cutest belt. And it was from Target! I had to run out and get the belt, of course, right?

new belt

:: 6 ::

My online friend Rosie posted a link to this book club and they are starting with My Sisters the Saints which I already have and want to read. Join in?

:: 7 ::

Happy Labor Day and safe travels if you are doing so!

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