seven quick takes about Cora

Tuesday was Cora’s birthday – she turned 9! So I thought I would link up with Jen and write seven things about Cora.

little Cora.

:: 1 ::

Cora is super kind and considerate and has great empathy for others. It is one of my favorite traits about her, she feels things fully. She wants to include people and wants to make people feel loved.

:: 2 ::

She loves to read and I also really love that about her because I loved to read as a child. They had an assignment to read 5 books in the month of October to get a free pizza. She was finished within the first week of October (I think they started slow and will need to read more in future months). It’s fun to discover new books or re-discover books with her.

:: 3 ::

Cora’s belief in God and her faith often shocks me. There is much talk about ‘having the faith of a child’ and that is totally true. It isn’t that they aren’t smart enough to question things, because there are questions. It is just that there is no doubt in her mind that God loves her and there is no doubt in her mind of her ability to be forgiven. Both of those things seem harder for adults. I pray that she always remains close to God and her Catholic faith.


:: 4 ::

Cora is a helper. She likes to help you with a job. She likes to have duties. She seems detail oriented and like a typical first born child (if there is such a thing). She will get a fairly complicated set of legos and sit with them and follow each instruction until the set is done. She likes things a certain way though her room is usually very (very!) messy.

:: 5 ::

Cora means heart and she has a heart that is beautiful.


:: 6 ::

She puts her whole self into anything she does. She is doing Girls on the Run and she is out there with a ton of enthusiasm, running and skipping and enjoying herself fully. She did swim team this summer and was terrified and put herself out there and did something new and she inspired me with how brave she was.

:: 7 ::

Cora made me a mother all those years ago and she was (and is) an easy child to parent. She is easy to discipline, she sits down and does her work every day, she never gets in trouble, she does the right thing out of the goodness of her heart. She changed us, she started us on this path to parenthood, and I couldn’t have asked for a better start to parenting. We love you so much Cora, happy 9th Birthday!

writing a thank you

Happy Halloween and Happy Weekend!

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last week in photos

Luisa at pre-k pickup. She took off her shoes and got into Ada’s car seat. She was quite happy with herself.

new shoes
“new shoes” – I found some sneakers that tie in an attempt to keep shoes on Lulu.

Della jumping in the bag of leaves, “helping” to smash them down further. Every year.

funny girl.

we had this at our wedding (11.5 years ago!) and I brought home a bottle last week for us to share.

lunch outside
lunch outside. it’s been absolutely gorgeous.


reading for homework. Cora helping.

more lunch
I started a whole30 last week and I had lunch with my mom/sister one day, we ordered Jimmy Johns (which is probably not allowed but whatever). I was still so hungry when I got home though so I cooked a sweet potato and ate it with prosciutto.

Ada pumpkin patch field trip
I chaperoned Ada’s field trip for pre-k to the pumpkin patch.

Ada pumpkin patch field trip
the bouncy/jumpy things are a favorite.

Ada pumpkin patch field trip
the hayrack ride.

licking the bowl
licking the almond butter out of the container.

Husker football!

we were up high! 6th floor. great views though.

girls & worms
girls in pink dresses & a bucket full of dirt/worms.

Pioneers Park
we went to Pioneers Park on Sunday afternoon/evening. gorgeous day.

Pioneers Park
walking at the park.

Pioneers Park

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monday: best of last week

:: living with kids ::

:: quick dinners to make at home ::

:: even though all my girls want for Christmas are American Girl doll items, I still love this timeless toys list ::

:: Why am I Doing This? (suffering for the sake of life) ::

:: when nfp is hard to swallow ::

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last week in photos

Cora stage
Cora was in a little performance Monday (no school).

Monday night post-TCBY beautiful sky.

train table
I had a return at Von Maur and the kids wanted to play with the train table.

striped pajamas
$8 clearance pajama pants from Marshalls.

plant stand
and my husband put together the new Ikea plant stand.

pre-k pickup
pre-k pickup.

leaf pile
leaf pile!

mornings are tough. she really didn’t want to put her shoes on.

looking for suggestions on more natural makeup options….

Lewis and Luisa
Lewis and Luisa. Friday morning play date and the two little ones couldn’t go outside.

writing a thank you
writing a long overdue thank-you.

golfing Cora
Kelly took Cora and Della golfing Saturday.

Luisa in the leaves.

fairy ada
she wore the fairy leaves on a walk Friday night.

Lulu and Lola
Luisa and Lola.

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monday: best of last week

:: That Stranger and the Worst Thing He Ever Said to Me ::

:: is sitting worse than donuts – this is shocking. not the donut part, we know those are bad. the sitting part. and that “exercise doesn’t mitigate the harmful effects of sitting.” yikes. ::

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last week in photos

Monday morning pre-k pick up.

after school homework on the stairs outside. enjoying the warmth while we can.

Kelly was out of town for work so I walked the girls to school.

and she ate apples on the steps of the church while we waited for mass to start and she told me “that spot hurts” (pointing to the back of her head) “it hurts on my back chin” – I love when they come up with stuff like this.

she found this toy at the mall and wouldn’t get off!

our parish priest came over one night and I thought we needed pie for him coming. he didn’t want any.

Daddy’s home! and we had the rosary bag from school.

baby ipad
Kelly gave her the ipad to entertain herself while I dried my hair.

baby ipad
she was pretty happy about it.

they were having so much fun!

His & Hers
Kelly ran Market to Market Saturday (almost 12 hours) and I got a babysitter and met them at the finish. we went to Mellow Mushroom after for some pizza and beer.

and Sunday I went to Ikea with three girlfriends and it was very good!

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monday: best of last week

:: breast cancer risk factors and Fight Like a Girl & a Stella and Dot trunk show ::

:: living with kids ::

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