on Hawaii

Or rather Maui, since that is where we were visiting and I’ve been told the islands are all different.


We haven’t every taken a real vacation together, just the two of us. And Maui stole our hearts. It took almost 9 hours of flying to get there but we checked into the hotel and went for a (windy) run and couldn’t stop exclaiming in shocked voices how beautiful everything was. We couldn’t believe we were actually there. There was green everywhere, super lush and beautiful foliage. To the east there were large mountains and to the west the very blue ocean.

We stayed at the Westin Kaanapli and the pictures on the website show the truth – it really is that beautiful. There is a beach behind the pools in the back. There is a little shopping area (Whalers Village) next door that has a few restaurants and cute boutique-y shops to stop at.

The husband had work meetings in the morning. I would eat breakfast with him but then be on my own until lunch. I had to pump so I was usually back at the hotel for that. I spent a bit of time on the beach and walked around the shops. One morning I was exhausted and just watched a movie with the door open and the island breeze blowing in. We had lunch together and then the afternoons were free. We snorkeled one afternoon together at Black Rock (just a short walk down the beach) and the husband jumped off several times. It was a really pretty area. We saw several sea turtles and lots of really bright fish and coral.

(two birds on our railing and black rock in the background, you could see it from the balcony)

Friday was the day we all got to choose an excursion and we chose surfing lessons. It was hilarious and fun and a great new experience. I got up on the surf board once and then was so tired from paddling out into the ocean that I took my surf board back up to the shore to rest. Saturday was our trip into Lahaina where we walked and shopped a bit.

Sunday morning we went to the Psalm Sunday mass at Maria Lanakila which was really nice. The church was beautiful, the priest super hard to understand. After that we had lunch in Lahaina and went back to the hotel to pack. Our flight didn’t leave until 10:30 at night so the husband snorkeled again and I walked around.

psalm sunday

I am so thankful for this trip. I’m so thankful for the time with my husband. I’m thankful we still like each other, that we have things to talk about, and that we can be together in silence too. I’m so (very!) thankful for my mom who stayed with the kids and an amazing teacher from our school who did the evening and overnight shift (and the weekends). I’m so thankful for this beautiful life that I get to live. There is so much joy out there, so much beauty, God is good.

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last week in photos

early morning sun
Monday morning early dentist appointment – the only good thing is the sun coming up.

she asked me to take a picture of her in front of the door with this headband on.

sweet baby with a crusty nose (always lately).

she liked seeing herself and smiled.

nursing Lu
nursing her for the last time before we left. I was worried, but also at peace, about leaving her while we traveled. she did so good!

sun coming up!

reading and snacking on the plane. even that was like a vacation! 6 hours to myself!

Maui airport.

view from our room.

beach view.

first day run
going for a run and taking a selfie on the beach.


our hotel
this is what you see when you walk into the hotel. everything is wide open and it doesn’t look like they have any way of shutting it.

beach day
beach day!

beach time.

toes in the sand
hot sand.

huge cataraman that they use for snorkeling tours.

I mean the sunsets were just unreal.



blue water

beach day
another day at the beach.

rainbow – it was raining up on the mountains.

our sitter sent me these photos of the girls!


I think they had a good time….

a terribly dark picture of us at the last evenings dinner.

real flower lei
they handed out real flower leis to everyone!

flowers on my run Sunday morning.

not a bad place to run, right?

banyan tree.

so tired of my pump!

blog readgin
probably won’t read blogs like this again….

last picture of the beautiful view.

asleep before take off
asleep before we even took off.

home again
got home to a bit of snow and very cold weather!

but I was so happy to see my baby.

three girls
and girls!


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monday: best of last week

:: free printable confession checklist for kids ::

:: `new mom care package ::

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last week in photos


after nap
after nap discussions.

trying to get the baby to say “uh oh”.

crabby girl. oh she was in a mood.

leftover cake
leftover cake from the First Communion and berries.

two tiny teeth on the bottom.

my new favorite dinner. pad see ew (I think) from the Against All Grain cook book.

spelling & feeding the baby
spelling words & nursing the baby. multitasking?

mish mash
how can I resist something called mish mash? it is her breakfast now.

snack! I made cheaters guacamole and used garlic salt instead of fresh garlic. and fresh lime of course. so good I ate the whole avocado.

fell asleep nursing. had to wake her up 10 minutes later to get Ada from school so I just let her sleep.

three busy girls. I went up after nap and found Ada in this costume, asleep.

getting my toes painted for the beach!

she had a big week! she learned to say ‘uh oh’ and started signing more, all done, and waving bye bye. and she raises her arms up in the air for ‘soooo big!’ – this girl brings all of us so much joy. I am constantly whispering prayers of thanksgiving for her.

farm store for tires
some friends told us that a local farm store had tires buy 3 get 1 free and we needed tires on the husband’s car. so we went to the farm store! first time for everything. the girls loved the huge display of animals.

and baby chicks! they had ducks and bunnies too. they were thrilled.

saturday morning reading
Saturday morning is for reading books.

and sunshine patterns.

and post nap swinging on the porch.

folding stars
Saturday night we rented Anchorman 2 and it was awful. Not funny awful but just awful. so I folded origami stars. strange but I can’t stop.

lunch after mass
out to lunch after mass – I think it was called Backyard Burgers. everyone loved it.

full cart
and Sam’s. always going to Sam’s for more food.

first flower
the first flower! hooray!


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monday: best of last week

:: cooking for Hugo healthy breakfast muffins ::

:: in the kitchen – fruity desserts ::

:: living with kids ::

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I used to think there had to be more to this life. That I was going to get to some magic point some day where I was truly something. When I was truly somebody. I thought the children were a stumbling block, a detour, on my way to being more. I thought I would get this kid thing out of the way, have the society approved number of babies, and then be on my way to being someone special. I thought “I can go back to college and get a degree in something that can really help people!” or “I can spend the day while the kids are at school volunteering and really do some good for this world!”.

Now I realize that these kids are my path, they very well may be all that I ever am. There may not be some big way that I contribute to society after the kids are all in school. And I’ve found so much peace in that.

Through being a parent God is helping me to grow. Helping me to be less selfish. Helping me to be more patient. Helping me to love more. Helping me die to my own self. Through being a parent I am becoming who I am supposed to be.

(And I’m not saying that women who work are doing the wrong thing. I think we are all called to different things. And I’m not saying that I’m not selfish or that I’m patient or that I am a super-mom. I’m so definitely a work in progress)


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last week in photos

soup Monday
Monday morning soup making. I’m trying to make something at the beginning of the week that I can eat all week. This was soup and roasted cauliflower.

Snack for quiet time in the afternoon.


j crew outlet Luisa
Luisa at the J Crew outlet. I had to return a skirt so I had to try on a few things, right? I didn’t buy anything.

stopped for fries
On the way home we stopped to pick up dry cleaning and it happens to be right next to my favorite burger/fry place. So Luisa and I stopped for fries.

pb chocolate chip oatmeal scones
My mom picked up the girls from school so I had time to bake without needing to be somewhere! I made PB oatmeal chocolate chip scones that were super yummy. More like a cookie.

ear drops
Ear drops that cost $155. Ada had drainage out of one ear and it really hurt so I called the pediatrician and apparently even with tubes they can get an infection and they need these drops.

Telling me about when she had friends over and the books were all over the floor in her room because her friends did it and “them didn’t even pick them up!” (probably making that story up).

nursing baby
Nursing my baby.

birthday wine
birthday wine.

first holy communion Cora
Saturday the 29th was Cora’s First Holy Communion! It was a beautiful day.

Cora fhc
going to church.

first holy communion Cora

first holy communion Cora

croissant and coffee
trying to wake up with sugar and caffeine after a rough night with the baby.

sharing my croissant
I gave her some croissant too. It’s a good thing she is cute…

sunday morning pizza
Sunday morning pizza with daddy after his 15 mile run.

cousins! at Lazlos. My older sister lives very far away and was in town for the weekend.

roof top hot tub
roof top hot tub (Grandma’s) – not pictured: the cousin from above, I must have just missed her.

sunday swing
lazy Sunday afternoon swing

yard work
this is how we do yard work – Della pushing down the leaves in the lawn waste bag.

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