last week in photos

Monday morning, watching the dog.

working together
working on sight words together.

ready for school
I asked if I could take her picture and this is what she wanted to do with her hands.

lunch with great grandma
I took my grandmother to the dentist and out to lunch after.

christmas cards
Christmas (post)cards!

One day a week her homework is to read a story to us out of this book.

banana bread & tea & quiet
banana bread & green tea & quiet = bliss

Della (desperately!) wanted these boots. Daddy said no. There were tears.

whole foods!!
Our Whole Foods opened!!!!!!! It’s half the size as the one in Omaha but I still love it.

fuzzy head
Fuzzy baby head – I just want to rub it and kiss it all day.

so good
these are dangerously good.

school Christmas concert
school Christmas program.

school Christmas concert
And Cora.

school Christmas concert
she played the boomwacker – and loved it.

post-concert treats
And then we went out for treats with just the big two girls. The concert didn’t start until 7 so we got a sitter for the other two and it was fun to take just the big two out.

post-concert treats
Yes, we went to Whole Foods for said treats. I knew there would be something dairy/soy free for me to eat there.


swim lessons
parent day at swim lessons. they have learned so much!

and grandma (my mom) took us to see the Nutcracker!

and Della.

burgers take out Dempseys
a new to us restaurant – Dempsey’s – which was so, so good.

chai tea
chai tea to gift.

sunday sparkles
and Sunday sparkles. because why not?

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  1. I hope you were happy with Minted! They cut our first pictures wrong, but their customer service was awesome and we were refunded generously since we had to wait for the second card to come.

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