last week in photos

Ada being Ada – she puts on leggings in the morning because she is cold and then she rolls them up in the afternoon because she gets hot.

Della loves to help push.


Cora working on school work and Luisa sticks close making a mess out of everything.

delicious chicken lettuce wraps.

cookie monster
we were picking up cookies for the teachers and she saw the cookie monsters on the shelf.

Ada working
Ada working on a birthday card for her Aunt Mimi (my sister).

my doterra order came!

stuffed envelopes
142 envelopes stuffed to go home in the communication envelopes at school this week.

pushing lulu
Ada’s turn to push Lulu.

8 miles
Saturday = 8 miles!


Saturday sunshine.


sisters sandbox
they barely fit in the sandbox.

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monday: best of last week

:: my real food philosophy – what I eat, what I don’t, and why – I love this level headed approach. I’m always trying to find balance ::

:: Being a Catholic convert I am always learning – solemnities are not for being solemn ::

:: mocktail recipe – I have no personal need for this but I like how it looks! ::

:: creamy curried lentils ::

:: “But all of that whining comes with a cost. When we complain, our brains release stress hormones that harm neural connections in areas used for problem solving and other cognitive functions. This also happens when we listen to someone else moan and groan.” from here ::

:: here we are again – this post made me cry. ::

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last week in photos

the time change and she takes a nap (Ada in our bed).

the weather warmed up and I got all the sandals out!

Lulu thinks she runs this house (and she does more often than she should).


beautiful new book.

we spent three hours at the park with friends and she fell asleep on the way home.

great grandma
we took my grandma grocery shopping.

big girl
I had to pull out her size two clothes to get some spring stuff since it’s been so warm. I put this dress on her and she smiled so big and smoothed her hands over it. She seems so big!

flower delivery
delivering birthday flowers to my (other) grandma.

7 miles – slow miles. my goal is to keep my average heart rate under 150 for these long runs.

sidewalk chalk
sidewalk chalk.

Della – a new girl scout! The new girl scout group handed out donuts at mass and sold cookies. She is so thrilled.

five guys
after donuts we went to Five Guys.

little purple flowers (crocus?) – spring!

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monday: best of last week

:: a fitness & health link list ::

:: quick & easy homemade pita – I love the fresh pita at a local Greek place here, The Parthenon ::

:: Fear is joys kryptonite ::

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last week in photos

they’ve been asking to watch Ina Garten after school while they have their snack.

We have a chalkboard in our kitchen with the weekly schedule on it and the girls wrote “Daddy Home!” on it themselves.

Finished this and really liked it.

Watching something outside. Guys working I think.

She insisted on wearing the girls jumper.

My chloe + isabel necklace came and I love it!

wrap bracelet
And my bracelet too.

A trip to the dentist for the older three.

food on the floor
She throws her food on the floor.


Her turn for the jumper and working on a project.

We’ve had so much sunlight lately and I’m so happy for that.

In the swing.

At the playground at the school/church we went to for a fish fry Friday night.

shellac removal
Removed my shellac myself.

In the swing again. She had a low fever Saturday and just wasn’t herself for a few days.

church family portrait
Our picture for the church directory.

Say what you want about DST but I love the extra light in the evenings.

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monday: best of last week

:: the motherhood days we don’t talk about that much but should – I saw this on FB from a few different people and it’s so very good ::

:: brooklyn apartment tour – so good ::

:: what’s in your makeup bag ::

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last week in photos

Luisa likes to get sunglasses before we go places.

And I made kale chips and she liked them! I was surprised.

“take a picture of me too!”

warm day
warmish day so we spent time in the backyard after school.

shape sorter.

I went to get my nails painted and somehow they convinced me to do shellac – I guess I like it….

I picked up my dress from the tailor. It’s navy and strapless, the little hanging straps you see are just to get it on the hanger.

Her favorite game is peek-a-boo but she says “deeeeek” and we all laugh at how cute she is.

dates, blue cheese, walnuts
I hosted a pop-up jewelry party for my friend who is selling chloe + isabel and these were some of the food I had that night – dates stuffed with roasted walnuts and blue cheese.

and the flowers left over from the party. they smelled so good!

Friday my mom was over to watch my little two while I ran some errands and had an appointment. I had lunch alone (yes in the car, it was so peaceful) from Panera.

saturday morning run
6.5 miles to start the weekend!

green grapes after nap.

Lulu and Kelly
Luisa and Kelly – we were at Bison Witches for lunch after church before the husband had to get on a plane for Las Vegas (for work).

“I’m having a bad day” – Cora. I asked why and it was because they are having standardized testing this week at school and because dad is gone and she misses him. so hard.

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