last week in photos

The big news last week? We started school!

Della started 2nd grade and Cora started 4th grade. They were both super excited the night before – they are really happy about who their teachers are this year and we’re hoping for a great year.


Adelaide started pre-k (again). She turned five a week before the cutoff but would be the youngest in her kindergarten class by far. So we are sending her to another year of preschool.

Which means you will get lots of pictures of Luisa outside of the school while we wait for Adelaide. You’re welcome.

last week in photos

paper planners
I still use a paper planner. I have two planners for a month here while they overlap and I switch to a new one – mine follow the school year, August until August or July typically.

Oldest & youngest. Cora gave me a tutorial on how to fishtail braid and I’ve been practicing.

All four at the doctor for Adelaide’s five year well child. Not to be confused with a kindergarten checkup because she isn’t going. She had a few shots, as did Luisa. We are always behind until kindergarten as we don’t do them on schedule.

retreat house
I went on my first ever retreat from Friday night at 7 until Sunday morning at 11:15. So less than 48 hours. But so nice to get some time away. It was at Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House.

retreat house
I loved this picture hanging in the room.

putting on a show
Sunday I got home and took a nap (I didn’t sleep much at the retreat house) and we went to the pool for a few hours. Then the girls put on a show out front. And then we went for a family walk and to the park. It was so great to be home.

on Wichita, aka: last week in photos

I thought I had already typed this post and scheduled it to go today but it never posted. So I’m writing it again. Because the trip didn’t really count if I didn’t blog about it, right?

Last Friday we went to Wichita for the Midwest Catholic Family Conference and it was great fun. Two other families from our parish went as well and we all stayed at the same hotel and got to have (some) meals together and swim together. Our kids really look forward to this weekend after we went last year and they loved it.

I only took a few pictures!

asleep Luisa

Luisa fell asleep right after we stopped at Freddy’s in Salina. We didn’t stop at Freddy’s in Topeka like I was originally thinking. And anyone who knows me can laugh along with me because I am exceptionally directionally challenged.

on the way to Wichita
The girls watched movies most of the way there.

matt maher
Friday night was the Matt Maher concert which I loved. The girls thought it was a bit loud. And Cora asked why he talked so much between songs.

I was able to attend talks from Simcha Fisher, Dr. Timothy Gray, and Dr. Pia de Solenni. The kids that are older than three get to go to classes in the morning and afternoon. Luisa stayed with us all day. The whole trip is a lot of fun and good for all of us.

Mahoney 2015

In the summer of 2014 we had it together enough to remember to book a cabin at Mahoney for the summer of 2015. So we booked it and mostly forgot about it until summer started this year. And I’m glad we remembered to book it because it was so fun. There is so much to do at Mahoney and it’s the only way I like to “camp” – in a cabin.

(some of these are repeats from instagram, some are not. I know it’s a lot of pictures, it’s one of those posts that the kids will like to look at someday‚Ķ..)

Mahoney 2015 Ada
Ada was too young to ride a regular horse but could ride the ponies. She seemed to enjoy it.

Mahoney 2015
big two petting horses while Ada rode the pony.

Mahoney 2015
she wouldn’t hold her own watermelon. so Kelly held it for her.

Mahoney 2015
my best friend from Omaha came to run with me one morning. It was so nice catching up. most mornings we had coffee out on the deck.

Mahoney 2015 Della

Mahoney 2015
we bought a puzzle on our way out of town and much of the trip was spent around the puzzle.

Mahoney 2015
Della – first time on a horse, she loved it.

Mahoney 2015
Cora and Kelly on horses too. Such fun.

Mahoney 2015
we spent a fair amount of time on the playground.

Mahoney 2015
Everyones favorite – the craft cabin.

Mahoney 2015
Going fishing. He was so excited to get down there. I think they caught 9 fish – all small, they threw them back.

Mahoney 2015 Luisa knees
The cabin had a downhill ramp/sidewalk towards the door. Luisa liked to run it. And fall down. Bandaids on both knees almost constantly these days.

Mahoney 2015 paddleboat
The big three & dad on a paddle boat.

Mahoney 2015 Cora Della s'mores
We roasted marshmallows for s’mores. On the grill. No fire pits?

leaving Mahoney 2015
Group shot of the kids in front of the cabin. Mahoney 2015 – so fun.