last week in photos

We had a snow day on Tuesday and Wednesday last week because of the “blizzard” we had coming. They were predicting 12+” and we got about 6″ but the winds were bad. I didn’t mind being stuck at home too much, I certainly got a lot more done! I made two double batches of chocolate biscotti.

His office was even closed on Tuesday – yay! But he managed to work from home all day – boo! It was still nice having him around but the kids get confused, they think he’s able to play with them.

The big three played outside with Kelly for an hour and had so much fun. I kept Luisa inside because of the potty training – sometimes her desire to pee is pretty urgent, that didn’t seem like a good idea in layers and layers of snow gear.

IMG_4463So we snuggled instead. She’s been my little shadow lately, always asking to be held.

On the second snow day Cora started putting together her valentines. The middle two happily played upstairs. And Luisa self-entertained (instead of being my shadow) and I was able to get so much done! My second batch of biscotti, two pie crusts to make pot pies, a turkey in to roast to make the pot pies.
Della read some of the prayers at mass on Thursday.

Ada put on a show for me in the den.
Luisa is too young to take dance but she often insists on bringing her ballet shoes with us. She puts them on and dances around before the actual class starts. They have so much fun, I’m sure the teachers love it (not).

Running around before dance starts.
So happy.
More. I couldn’t pick one.
Friday morning we went to see Luisa’s doctor to have her ears checked (still just swimmers ear, continue the drops) and then we went to get donuts, and then to the library, and then to my doctor appointment. I do the donuts to help myself feel better about running all over.

Saturday morning pancakes.

And taking out a door and putting in a window on our second floor (it used to be a rental and had a second set of stairs in the back).


monday: best of last week

:: living with kids – love this one, so cozy and homey ::

:: things that are saving my life right now – a list of things saving her to help her through winter. and there is a whole bunch of bloggers who did the link up and you can find all kinds of ways to distract yourself on a snow day. not that I did ::

::creating a fearless marriage::

:: “I think it’s important to be ok with all of those crappy feelings. In a way, I think it’s a really important part of being pro-life. Because it is not an easy life. I feel like I need to say that again with maybe some shouting… IT IS NOT AN EASY LIFE. It’s filled with sacrifice and heartache and denying yourself and it is hard to accept all of those things. But the important part is the yes.Even if it’s a weak, wounded yes, through an ocean of tears while you’re locked inside your tiny half-bathroom.” From here ::

seven quick takes for February 5

linking up with Kelly!

:: 1 ::

My children are adorable and sweet and I love them all. But one of them talks and talks and talks and seriously can not help herself to stop I think. Why did God give me such an extroverted child when I am such an introvert?

:: 2 ::

I am officially addicted to KeVita and I don’t even care (except it’s expensive). I drink only a half a bottle a day because of the price but it tastes so good to me and I figure the probiotics are good, right? Della calls it “that stuff mom drinks that doesn’t taste like anything” – kids!


:: 3 ::

Can you believe Lent is starting next week? I don’t think I’m going to give anything up. I’m pregnant and feel like I’ve already given up plenty. But I do think I want to add two things in – read I Believe in Love and start up my gratitude journal again. I was doing so well recording five things every night and then I get distracted and stop doing it. I think it’s so good for me though.

:: 4 ::

Speaking of pregnancy, since you’re all dying to know I’m sure, I had an appointment this morning. I’ll be 31 weeks on Sunday so we’re on the countdown. I met with the ob that works in the office with my midwife because I had to cancel my midwife appointment on Tuesday because of the “blizzard” we were expected to get. Anyway, the doctor does a really quick ultrasound at every appointment so I got a peek at baby boy. Who is still a boy by the way (I am still in shock/disbelief) and who is head down! Thank you baby boy and let’s just keep you that way from here on out, okay?

I’m realizing as I get further along that I’m quite scared of labor/delivery this time. I think Luisa’s birth was a bit more disturbing than I ever let myself believe. So I suppose some preparation needs to happen mentally while leaving the birth open to happening however it needs to happen.

:: 5 ::

The above blizzard? They were predicting 12″ (or more) but we got 6″ I think – which isn’t a tiny amount but not what they thought. The kids still had two days off of school with it and we had a good time. They were excited to have time to play together and prepare their valentine’s cards for next week class parties. I was amazed how much more I can get done in a day when I don’t leave the house at all.

:: 6 ::

I was reading through my feedly blog posts this morning and came across this adorable ‘coffee chat’ and found a new to me jewelry brand called Dear Mushka. I didn’t buy anything but I love the white druzy necklace and feather necklace. And I love that there is a scriptural tie-in too. Through the Dear Mushka Instagram I discovered Garment Collective and it has me dreaming of dressing myself without this baby bump.

:: 7 ::

And one last quick take where I ask you a question. Will this baby need a swimsuit this summer? Or should I say swim trunks? We join a local pool every summer and spend quite a bit of time at the pool. My oldest two can swim alone in the big pool, Ada can go in the big pool with a puddle jumper on, and Luisa and I will stay in the baby pool with the baby. There is a tent over part of the pool so I’m sure I will be able to keep him in the shade and I doubt we will go when it’s ridiculously hot. But I’m trying to decide if I should purchase a little swim shirt and swim trunks or plan on him staying out of the pool because he’s going to be so little? Life altering decisions to be sure. Help a momma out.

Happy weekend! We aren’t cheering for either team in the super bowl but I still think we will watch it with some friends. It’s fun to get together and spend time with other families.

last week in photos

Luisa had swimmer’s ear! Monday she wouldn’t stop crying (two hours which is so unusual for her) and she told us her ear hurt. I assumed an ear infection (perpetual runny nose). But swimmer’s ear – they said baths sometimes cause it. So she got to stay up late while daddy picked up drops. She was super happy once she got some ibuprofen.


Oh potty training, so sad. She was trying to poop, it took an hour.


And after she did it she was so happy!

Apparently it’s the Luisa show this week, it’s all pictures of her. We spent a lot of time together with the potty training.

Seven Quick Takes

linking up with Kelly.

:: 1 ::

I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant this weekend! Which is fantastic. And also, ugh, another 10 weeks possibly? But I feel pretty good for the most part. Some pelvic bone and hip pain. Some back aches. Peeing more than I’d like. But it’s all good and I know these next few months will both fly by and go super slow. The whole family is getting excited to meet this little guy though!

:: 2 ::

I’ve ordered prints from a few times after seeing a photographer friend post on FB that she thinks they are good quality. It’s so convenient to be able to order online and I think the prices are pretty great. Not an add or an affiliate link or anything, I just like them.

:: 3 ::

I made Beef Bourguignon from Jen Hatmaker’s new book For The Love (I bought the book at the airport on our trip and finished most of it on the plane, it was great). The recipe in the book is modified a bit (no frozen onions, no cognac), and she posted in that first link that she cooks it longer at 350 and that’s what I did too. It was amazing. I mean, the best meal I’ve ever cooked amazing. What a great recipe – try it!

(not my picture)

:: 4 ::

We’ve been potty training Luisa this week. Potty training is my least favorite parenting task so far (maybe besides sick kids). It’s going pretty well, she seems to have the control needed. She’s just a stubborn little thing. I hope we can leave the house again next week.

:: 5 ::

I saw how to make time & space for the life you really want on FB and I loved it so much that I had to link to it.

:: 6 ::

At a certain point I came to understand that if I was going to reclaim my health, then I would have to create a new value system–one in which fat and thin had no associative judgements.” From here and yes, just yes.

:: 7 ::

And lastly, I am pinning all of the images (pretty much) from Chris Loves Julia because it’s an amazing house in my opinion.

my amazon ‘saved for later’ cart

I always put things in the “saved for later” portion of my cart on Amazon. This way they don’t get lost in the black hole that is my wish list. So here is a list of items waiting to be purchased (I won’t buy everything) and you can tell me if they are worthwhile:

Baby Probiotic Drops – I was reading back through my blog and we used these with Luisa. I think I will purchase again – seems to help with baby gas/digestion.


Babyganics Hand & Face Wipes – I would probably order the regular diaper wipes, not these. But I wonder if the price is better at Target? I like their diapers.



New Mama Bottom Spray – delightful, no? Honestly though I bet it feels good.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer – another one of those baby items I don’t need but want. But it’s so nice and plain and simple looking!



Miracle Swaddle Blanket – a swaddle blanket in a non-girly color. Probably a good buy.

Third Trimester Tea – I don’t know if it really helps or makes a difference but at least you would feel like you are doing something useful.