last week in photos – things I want to remember

I’m going to try to change this up and post just a few pictures from the previous week with some notes so I can remember things about the photos.


I had to run to the bank so I went to the downtown one and then went to Relish for a few chocolate chip cookies. When we moved here this was one of the restaurants that I really enjoyed and made me feel like I was settling in and this was home. It’s not super child friendly though. I mean, they aren’t rude to children. But parking downtown and then going into the building and up the escalator, etc. The food is delicious though.

I had a friend comment once that I post a lot of food/drink pictures. And I get it, I do. I think food is my love language or something though. She joked “like the drink you are having with your husband is the best part of your day, ha ha ha!”. I guess sometimes it is the best part of my day. But it isn’t necessarily my drink. It’s time with my husband, time alone with my husband, it’s time spent as adults at the end of the day. It’s more than the food or drink. The cookie pictured above is more than a chocolate chip cookie (which I think is my favorite food btw). It is significant because it’s my three hours of alone time during the week. It’s giving myself something yummy. It’s getting something I wouldn’t normally get when I am with the kids. It feels like an indulgence. It feels special. Anyway…..


We have a ton of peaches, we did the fruit club of Nebraska and I think I got 25 lbs. I saw on instagram that Ashley made peach upside down cake and I asked her for the recipe. This is it and I made it a second time on Saturday. It’s delicious. The butter and brown sugar caramelizes on the peaches and it is just so yummy.

ada 5th birthday
I want to remember how she blew out one candle at a time. She took a big breath and blew out the single candle. Then took another big breath. She was so excited it was finally her birthday.

monday: best of last week

:: The Ivy Lee Method – a routine for being productive ::

:: The Thing I Wish People Would Stop Telling Me. yes ::

:: the people NFP made ::

:: “What our family wears to mass is never about impressing the locals or making a fashion statement. It’s about approaching the highest point of our week with the proper disposition, inside and out, and dressing accordingly for that which we are about to receive.” taken from Preparing the Sunday Dress ::

Seven Quick Takes – Ada’s fifth birthday edition!

I’ve been in a blogging funk. I got very self-conscious about who might be reading. And what they might be thinking about what they are reading. Maybe I don’t sound smart. Or maybe I sound vain. Or maybe I just write silly things that don’t make sense. I’ve decided that life is too short. I enjoy writing in this space, so I’m going to keep doing it.

Seven Quick Takes this week – linking up with Kelly.

:: 1 ::

It’s Ada’s birthday today – she’s five! I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that. She seems young still – not necessarily immature but not the same as what I’ve experienced with my other children at this age. We’ve decided to have her do another year of pre-k and start kindergarten as a 6-year-old (our cut off is July 31st so her birthday is close to the cut off).

Anyway, Ada as a tiny (9 lb) baby:



Ada today:

: Ada and Luisa


:: 2 ::

And it’s HOT here today (98 but it feels like 110) (I’m not complaining). Which would be awesome if we could be at the pool, as I was planning on doing for her birthday. But our pool is having an adults only event tonight so I scrapped the whole idea of going. I don’t like to be there when the sun is super strong so we usually don’t go until 4 pm anyway. So I’m hoping that the husband will set up the baby pool or the sprinkler in the yard for the kids that are coming over tonight.

:: 3 ::

Adelaide got legos for her birthday and I let her open one box this afternoon. She was absolutely thrilled that she finally has some that are “hers”. We share all the legos but it’s different when your sisters have received them all as gifts.

Adelaide fifth birthday

:: 4 ::

We also got her lego storage – yay Ikea. I haven’t put it together yet though. I mean, the husband hasn’t put it together. The storage we purchased is called Algot and I like that it has a top shelf on it, unlike our previous Ikea lego system.

:: 5 ::

She chose Village Inn for her birthday. Probably last on my list of choices to eat but as my friend pointed out, it’s not my birthday! She got pancakes and a free piece of pie that we brought home.

:: 6 ::

Tonight we will have cupcakes and pizza with two families that we are friends with. Tomorrow my side of the family is coming over for lunch. She had cheer camp today and they sang to her while they were there. I think she is having a good birthday!

:: 7 ::

I’m so thankful for Adelaide in our life. She is loud and intense and so much fun. And she brings so much joy and silliness to our family. We are lucky to have her, thank you God for Ada. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

on self care

After reading this post on Modern Mrs Darcy and then reading Ashley’s post, I was motivated to write a post on self care myself.

I also saw this post today and was even more so inspired to think this topic through.

Some things are always on the list:

flossing my teeth
exercising my body
spending time with my husband
making time for prayer
investing in friendships
getting enough sleep

I think self care can be a tricky topic though. It’s easy to say that eating chocolate is self care. Sometimes an afternoon tea and some dark chocolate is what I need, and sometimes what I really need is a banana and some peanut butter (protein) and more water.

Sometimes self care looks like leaving the dishes in the sink and the house cluttered and getting lost in a good book. Sometimes it’s more important (to my self) to do the dishes, sweep the floors, and clean off all the surfaces.

Sometimes getting up to run is self care but sometimes my body really needs to sleep in and take a walk later in the day. Or take a rest day.

There are evenings where a glass of wine with a really good dinner and a great discussion with my husband is self care. And there are nights when it is more important that I get a good night of sleep and wake up refreshed early the next morning.

Self care for me means checking in with what will really help me in a day and then doing that, even if it doesn’t look like what traditionally self care might look like. What does self care look like for you?

last week in photos


she was standing on the railing and yelling jibber jabber baby talk at the garbage men/trucks. she makes us all laugh. ikea
thanks to my generous mother watching the kids in the morning and my husband taking an afternoon off of work, I was able to head to Ikea with some friends!

Della eating a peach, dripping it all over the chair instead of herself.


and two more. though I’m not sure how sunny it was.

we packed lunches to eat at the pool but it was so sunny and humid that our porch sounded better.

she sleeps
she wouldn’t stop bugging her big sisters so I asked her to lay in bed with me and she fell asleep!

nails jamberry
jamberry party – nails done.

swim team
last day swim team. I’m going to miss these days at the pool.

driving my car.

she points at the cookie and says “chocolate” and I think I trained her well.

this door used to be purple and it had a mirror in the middle. he sanded it down to the wood and took the mirror off and stained it. he’s so good.

“can we watch a show?” (over and over and over) NO. “can we paint?” = easy yes.

swim team Della
swim team banquet. they call all the kids names and give them a packet with a medal and ribbons and certificate.

swim team Cora
and Cora.

new shoes
new shoes (because one of her parents forgot her shoes when they left the house).

last week in photos

going to camp
we took Cora to camp last Monday and it was hard to leave her but so good too.

before we left we went to the library.

Della on her bike. barefoot. but at least she wears a helmet?

I ask her who the baby belongs to and she says “Lulu!” and I laugh. everything is yours when your two.

weekly babysitter/run errands time is also when I get a little treat – this time a peach macaron.

Ada and Luisa
they walked up and down our sidewalk like this “putting on a show” – people were sure looking and laughing. tiny sparkly purple leotard and tap shoes.

four girls
four girls again! we picked up Cora on Friday afternoon.

soul gardening journal came again – I love reading through these.

quite proud of her belly (Della put her diaper on, it had to be fixed…).