last week in photos

 bought this sparkly gold headband when I was pregnant with her, thinking it would fit. It fits now that she is 2.5 years old.

s there anything cuter than knee socks on little girls? How about if she asks for said knee socks herself? She really loves them and asks for them. Adorable (I’m biased).

ella reads to me out of her school reading book once a week.

elly Jay turned 35! The girls insisted on candles.

he baby due in April really truly is a baby boy. And even with the ultrasound confirmation it is hard to believe.

delaide telling me about her school papers. Luisa thinks she knows the numbers on that sheet (but she doesn’t).

uties season – someone posted on my instagram ‘cuties eating cuties’ and I thought yes! they are adorable in my opinion.

7 quick takes: staying healthy through the winter

linking up with Kelly.

I’m not an expert but I wanted to share a few things we do that hopefully help us stay healthy in the winter. And disclaimer – we still get sick. I just hope that we don’t catch every single thing that comes through.

:: 1 ::
Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, protein. Eat/drink less sugar. We don’t do juice, they drink water. I try to avoid candy and sweets in the house though I do admit I bake often.

:: 2 ::
I have been giving the girls these elderberry gummy vitamins for the last few years. Della will do elderberry syrup but no one else likes it. I believe this is good stuff. It doesn’t keep every bug from coming in our house but I do think it helps shorten the duration.

:: 3 ::
I also give them vitamin D3 drops in the fall, winter, and spring. They are outside constantly in the summer and I don’t feel like they need it. I like that these aren’t gummy (less sugar).

:: 4 ::
Sleep! Getting enough sleep is so good for our immune system. Ada’s bedtime is 7:30, Luisa 8:00, Della 8:15, and Cora 8:45. This is based on a 7 am wake up time.

:: 5 ::
We will all take emergen C also. I take it preventively and the kids will take it if not feeling well.

:: 6 ::
They also take these immunity boosting vitamins. Again, I don’t know if they are perfect but I have to think they help. Or just hopeful thinking?

:: 7 ::
Essential oils. I know, everyone is on the bandwagon. I love to diffuse oils overnight in a bedroom if someone is feeling poor. I feel like I’ve saved doctor/ER visits with croup because of essential oils. Cora loved having some rubbed on her tummy when she had an upset stomach a month ago. I just feel like I have one more thing to help me treat them and it makes me feel confident as a mother.

meal prep


I’ve been doing some meal prep around here. And it’s been wonderful. I should add a disclaimer – I didn’t do any this week, I wanted a break after two weeks on. Or another option instead of the same thing. But I started a few weeks ago and it was super helpful. This week has been hard without it.

Why did I start? It wasn’t to loose weight or keep from gaining lots of weight with this pregnancy. It was as simple as this – I wanted an easy way to get more protein into my day. I eat PB toast for breakfast most days so I don’t want peanut butter for lunch again. My go to for protein would be lunch meat (which I’m not supposed to have) or tuna (which I do eat but try to limit to once a week). And other than that I was at a loss for what to eat for lunch without resorting to eating out all the time.

So what did I do? Did it take hours and hours? No it did not, it was quite simple.

I made 5 chicken thighs and used the barre3 lemon chicken recipe. The recipe calls for chicken breasts but I prefer thighs and use those. I follow the recipe otherwise except I often use garlic powder instead of fresh because I don’t like my hands smelling like garlic after I mince a clove (thank you pregnancy).

Then I roast a vegetable or two. The first week it was an acorn squash and a head of cauliflower. The second week I heated up a bag of frozen broccoli. I split the vegetable between the bowls. And I made quinoa and put a half cup in each bowl too.

Then each day I simply dump it all in a big bowl and heat it up. I drizzle homemade honey mustard on top (and add more as needed). It’s delicious. My husband had a bowl and loved it too. And it gets me vegetables and protein in the middle of the day, which I’m terrible at without the prepping.

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today is my husband’s birthday, the big 35. He doesn’t seem to mind getting older, I tell him it’s because he just gets better with age. I’m lucky to have him and I’m so glad we met 16 years ago. He told the girls that his birthdays keep getting better and better because he gets to spend it with them and that life is all about who we get to spend it with. He’s pretty sweet.


Happy Birthday Kelly Jay! Hope it’s a great day and you feel loved and celebrated.

last week in photos

uisa in the sandbox on a sunny day – we’ve had the most glorious fall.

e all went to pick up Cora’s pottery from her Paint Yourself Silly “party” we had for her birthday. The alley leading to the building has these (new?) lights that the girls loved. I love my family, my team of people. We had to stop for ice cream too.

t was so rainy Wednesday. And cool. And I had panic thinking about being inside all day so we went to the mall. The little two needed stretchy pants so we went to h&m – I find that no matter what I spend on stretchy pants they don’t hold up for more than one or two children. We took a walk around the mall and then they played at the indoor play area. Luisa was thrilled, I don’t think she had been. And they had Runza for lunch. It was a nice time.

eading books with Luisa, she loves to read.

he’ll sit and read to herself often too and it makes us all laugh. She really gets into it and says so many words.

aturday we had family pictures, this is before we went to four pm mass. Cora did not wear those boots for pictures. But they all matched/coordinated so I wanted to get a picture.

nd then Sunday we drove 5 hours (each way) to South Dakota to celebrate Kelly’s granny’s 98th birthday. Worth it but that was a long drive home.

he slept for about an hour on the way home.