For Today… May 26, 2015

Outside my window… Rain. More rain. And rain. With occasional little bits of sun but it’s been the rainiest May here ever as far as I know.

I am thinking… About packing lists. I should be doing laundry and packing and getting ready to go to the lake. But I’m taking a breather.

I am thankful… For so much. My husband. My kids. Our health. A house over our heads, food to eat, friends and family, sunshine and spring and summer and flowers. This time of year is my absolute favorite. Swimsuits drying on the front porch. Daylight from 6 am until 9 pm. It’s easy for me to be thankful right now.

I am wearing… Jeans and birkenstocks and a black short sleeve v-neck shirt. My uniform of sorts.

I am creating… Do lists count? Lists for packing. Oh and I made a pie today. My bible study is having our yearly family picnic tonight (which might have to be moved indoors due to the rain). I made a pie and we are buying fried chicken. Because that was what made me happy.

I am going… To go put clothes in the dryer.

I am wondering… What our summer is going to look like.

I am reading… I am trying to get into Flannery O’Connor and failing. Otherwise I’m in the middle of a bunch of stuff, none of it noteworthy. I did just finish Rules of Civility (see my ‘reading’ tab) and loved it. Couldn’t put it down.

I am hoping… honestly just for sunshine and warmth so we can swim.

I am learning… How to set aside time to pray. Even when I don’t want to.

In my garden… I don’t garden….. but I do have lots of peonies blooming. And the strawberries that the previous owners planted are coming up but who knows if we will actually get any?

In my kitchen… The pie I mentioned above. I made a roast in the crockpot over the weekend because it’s chilly here. Otherwise I’m making plans for our cooking at the lake and feeding 25 people.

A favorite quote for today… I find that these times of celebration pass all too quickly, and soon we are back in our work shoes, marching through the ordinary days of life. I am, though, equally thankful for those ordinary days, because I know that no matter what we are called to do with the time we are given, to be able to work and live and laugh and cry together as a family really is the sweetest time, and it is not to be overlooked or dismissed because our sights are set on times and opportunities that we hope will be easier, more pleasing or more enjoyable…times and opportunities that require less of us in the way of virtue and devotion. These ordinary days in which we forge ahead are shaping our sons into men, and I count every single one that I get to spend with them before they leave our home as precious, precious gift. from here and such wise words to ponder.

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last week in photos

sucker post doctor
sucker after her 2 year doctor checkup. she was pretty mad about the shot but the sucker fixed that quickly.

mornings with these two after I took the other two to school. had to wake Ada up this morning.

thankful for barre3 online workouts while the husband is out of town.

barre workout
she did some with me.

snuggles in my bed = happy baby.

new cars
new cars for her birthday with money from great grandma and grandpa john & murlene.

bratwurst came in the mail! we’re going to the lake this week and this is for the dinner we are in charge of doing.

he's home
he’s home! he got an early flight and we were so happy to see him a few days early.

at grandma's
at grandma’s on the last day of school for pizza for lunch. Luisa wouldn’t stop making this face.

at grandma's
so I tried to take a picture of the other three.

pita dough
to be pita bread – kneading dough is kind of therapeutic.

I made 16 pitas and about 3 of them actually puffed and opened like this inside. What did I do wrong?

first day of summer break. we had been to Target and the library and had lunch and it was 11:30. I was thinking – now what? I hope it warms up so we can be at the pool.

big girl swing!

watching Della’s end of the year dvd and it was so dark/rainy!

date night
date night! we went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. we had been trying since January to make it work.

my favorite thigns
a few of my favorite things.

attempting to read
started this Sunday night and I’m trying to get into it but it’s slow going. have you read any of her writing? any you love?

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monday: best of last week

:: please don’t regret my children’s gender. just yes. ::

:: fake shake shack burger – side story – I’ve never eaten at Shake Shack but I read the article she references in the blog post and I was drooling. It was at the same time that my husband was in Las Vegas and I begged him to go so he could tell me how good it is (am I crazy?) and he never did find the time to make it. I want to try this recipe now! ::

:: things my mother taught me ::

:: Sorry, Catholic parenting is not an insurance policy for well-adjusted faithful children – someone linked this on FB and I think I just nodded over and over and said yes again and again. ::

:: living with kids ::

:: postpartum does not mean one day after the baby comes – great reminder ::

:: ten things I thought were caused by bad parenting before I had kids ::

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last week in photos

these two and the trains.

new flowers
new flowers planted for Mother’s Day (Kelly and the girls do it every year).

we added a fern on each side of the porch this year too.

after school hugs
Luisa and Ada running to give hugs to the big two as they come home from school.

Luisa at dance
Luisa at dance. The husband was gone M-Thurs last week so I had everyone at dance.

teacher appreciation
we missed teacher appreciation by a week but I think it still counts.

morning chaos
mornings without the husband = chaos.

mass with Luisa
Luisa at mass.

my peonies are blooming!

happiness is a friend bringing you rolls from Wheatfields in Omaha. she knows what life is like with a traveling husband. she is good people.

tired momma
the happy face of a momma who spent way too long finding ballet tights and shoes and leotards so she drove herself through Starbucks and put lipstick on. whew.

waiting for dance.

lining up toys
lining up toys!

he was home! for a little bit before work. but still, she was thrilled.

my grandma’s peonies (from my Uncle).

dress rehearsal
on our way to dress rehearsal.

dance recital
at the dance recital on Saturday. they were in the second act so they got to watch the first act before going to their rooms.

happy anniversary
Saturday night we celebrated our 12th anniversary!

Luisa 2nd Birthday
happy second birthday Luisa!

Luisa 2nd Birthday
presents at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Luisa 2nd Birthday
a lot of sisters & cousins to help her open presents.

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Luisa on her birthday

As we started singing Happy Birthday….

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

(she didn’t ever cry, she just didn’t like everyone looking at her)


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Impossible! Luisa is two years old today and I feel like I blinked and it happened.


We all adore Lulu, she’s funny and sweet. She’s definitely aware that she is a two-year-old as she is also sassy these days. But mostly she is just delightful. So much fun to be around and so silly and I just can’t believe she is ours.

back when she was tiny.

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an anniversary

Twelve years married today. I am so happy that you are mine and I am yours. Love you forever and always.


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