last week in photos

these two and the trains.

new flowers
new flowers planted for Mother’s Day (Kelly and the girls do it every year).

we added a fern on each side of the porch this year too.

after school hugs
Luisa and Ada running to give hugs to the big two as they come home from school.

Luisa at dance
Luisa at dance. The husband was gone M-Thurs last week so I had everyone at dance.

teacher appreciation
we missed teacher appreciation by a week but I think it still counts.

morning chaos
mornings without the husband = chaos.

mass with Luisa
Luisa at mass.

my peonies are blooming!

happiness is a friend bringing you rolls from Wheatfields in Omaha. she knows what life is like with a traveling husband. she is good people.

tired momma
the happy face of a momma who spent way too long finding ballet tights and shoes and leotards so she drove herself through Starbucks and put lipstick on. whew.

waiting for dance.

lining up toys
lining up toys!

he was home! for a little bit before work. but still, she was thrilled.

my grandma’s peonies (from my Uncle).

dress rehearsal
on our way to dress rehearsal.

dance recital
at the dance recital on Saturday. they were in the second act so they got to watch the first act before going to their rooms.

happy anniversary
Saturday night we celebrated our 12th anniversary!

Luisa 2nd Birthday
happy second birthday Luisa!

Luisa 2nd Birthday
presents at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Luisa 2nd Birthday
a lot of sisters & cousins to help her open presents.

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Luisa on her birthday

As we started singing Happy Birthday….

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

Luisa 2nd Birthday

(she didn’t ever cry, she just didn’t like everyone looking at her)


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Impossible! Luisa is two years old today and I feel like I blinked and it happened.


We all adore Lulu, she’s funny and sweet. She’s definitely aware that she is a two-year-old as she is also sassy these days. But mostly she is just delightful. So much fun to be around and so silly and I just can’t believe she is ours.

back when she was tiny.

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an anniversary

Twelve years married today. I am so happy that you are mine and I am yours. Love you forever and always.


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last week in photos

rhubarb from the backyard to become….

rhubarb buttermilk breakfast cake – here is the recipe.

lulu parade
Lulu led parade.

I couldn’t find these two so I thought they were up to something. But they were playing nicely.

looking at Della
looking at Della’s bug jar.

bug jar
Della at 7 years old – bug jar, watch with timer, bug has been named.

cinco de mayo
happy cinco de mayo! drinking a margarita and eating a nacho and pretending I’m at the pool in California again….

pie delivery
Pie #2 out for delivery (to my parents). I took them dinner too.

I had spiritual direction last week and we discussed praying the Rosary and if we should as a family. It’s something I’ve wanted to do but we aren’t good about doing it. Then we got the traveling school Fatima statue that day and I heard God saying we should do it. So we did. But (spoiler alert) we haven’t since! It is something I want to add but maybe after school gets out?

lulu hair
Luisa and her crazy hair.

tornado warning
Tornado warning after she was already asleep found us all in the basement.

Grandma Maryann went to the grocery store with us and bought cookies as big as her head.

spring concert
spring concert night at school.

spring concert
another one because I couldn’t pick a favorite.

grey skies, pre-k pickup
in the pre-k pickup for almost the last time (this year) and wondering why the skies continue to be so grey?

I found her stringing these “beads”. I didn’t know she could.

rhubarb hand pies. my husband’s favorite.

and this because I had too much filling and not enough crust left.

my people
my people on Mother’s Day morning. I’m a lucky lady.


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last week in photos

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monday: best of last week

:: the magic of meal prep ::

:: berry bowl – or you could sub acai, I haven’t been able to find these here and they are delicious ::

:: living with kids – inspiring for small house living. and it makes me want to get rid of about half of our stuff ::

:: the unbearable lightness of motherhood – so many inspiring quotes to pull from this one ::

:: this interview left me smiling. ::

:: “Prayers are not magic spells, and none would instantly transform my long-fostered habit of selfishness into a spirit of enthusiastic self-sacrifice. Instead, over the next weeks and months, a loving Savior would ask me to take up my cross and learn to follow Him. In obeying, I would discover that God rarely calls the equipped. If we are asked to cooperate in our own salvation, it is only because He equips those He calls.” posted on Facebook and the rest is here – When Satan Tells You You’re Too Good for Motherhood ::

:: opting out of mommy angst in three easy steps ::

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