last week in photos

Lulu pushing Henry.

Lulu holding Henry.

First day of school – third grade and fifth grade!

when school coincides with the week your husband is taking a work trip = stress baking and stress eating.

Cora and Della got haircuts and then someone took a picture of these two after – cheese grins.

my favorite – nursing him at ten before I go to sleep, he’s all calm and snuggly.

Della cut 8″ off her hair!

Henry at 4 months – 18 lbs 10 oz and 27.5″ long – big boy.

Ada at the ENT – she is scheduled to get tonsils/adenoids out in a few weeks.

The girls set the table up for Kelly to come home to after he was traveling – so sweet.

First day kindergarten – Adelaide!

Ada’s first day – I had to retake a photo at the school because Cora scowled (with her arms crossed) through all of the ones at home.

Pink shoes, pink skirt, pink shirt.


The blog is posting these out of order and I don’t care enough to fix it – Henry sleeping at the park playdate.

Some friends loaned us their exersaucer = happy boy.

Sunday morning – size 12 month pants that don’t look like they’ll make it through the winter.

Henry in the double for the first time.

little friends at school drop-off – they’ll be in preschool together next year.

Lulu pushing Henry, again.

on death

Death blurs the line between earth and heaven. Normally the afterlife feels so far away. So not concrete that it’s hard to fathom. Death brings heaven, hell, and purgatory close to us. It makes it more realistic. Your mortality is in your face in the face of death. Your loved ones mortality as well. It all feels so much quicker, this life. You calculate days, weeks, months, years left and your whole body tenses up at the utter crazy rapid speed that life is passing us by.

And yet. We are not made for this world. We all know this in some way or another. We are made for eternal life. But the head doesn’t easily live in the promise of eternal life. The head lives in the now. The bills to pay. The bottoms to wipe. The dinner to make. The homework sheets to sign. The clothes to wash. The hurry-up-it’s-time-to-go-we’re-going-to-be-late of the every day life. The everyday-ness of life, that is where the head lives.

It’s so cliche but it all goes by so fast. It really does. Hug your loved ones. Tell people what they mean to you. Forgive. Again. And again. And again. Do that thing you’ve been meaning to do. Live the life you’ve been meaning to live. Because it’s all gone in a blink. Don’t blink and wish you hadn’t wasted it. But also remember what our purpose here is. Marriage and children and our vocation – getting each other to heaven. A lot of the other stuff can fall away when you shift your focus towards heaven.

last week in photos

captain adorable – yes, he is.

we spend a lot of time relaxing on the porch. it’s been not so humid and he’s happy out there. he’s starting to get more into toys too.

so sweet. love him.

we kind of had a Monday. Della fell down the back stairs and scraped up her whole face, Lulu could not pull it together, and then we all had head colds.

this came and it’s great.

my crazy girl. riding the tractor in her easter dress.

oh she loves him so.

Wednesday afternoons in the summer I had a babysitter. I would almost always go to Goldenrod. This week I took it to Kelly at work and we had a 15 minute date in the car.

Grandma got the girls this new swing and they were trying it out in the living room.

friends from Omaha came and I texted her “I’m making you a drink” and this picture.

donuts with grandma.

Cora had an ear ache and we took her in. She had an ear infection but the doctor (nurse practitioner?) said most kids her age just get well on their own. So we waited and she did get better and didn’t need meds, which was nice. She can also swallow ibuprofen now (the adult capsules) so that helped her pain. She’s so big.

Saturday morning ran 4 miles – furthest I’ve run since before I was pregnant. It felt good.

these two = best friends.

Sunday we went to my parents cabin and there was a pig outside when we got there! I called my mom to make sure it was ok to get out of the car. I think she laughed. Apparently another lady that lives out there full time now has a pet pig, Nellie. She was sweet.

Luisa loved her “her tail is waving all the time!” and she kept petting her and petting her.

happy weekend

What are your weekend plans? It’s our last official summer weekend before school starts though I consider it summer until Labor Day.

Happy Birthday to my dad today! He’s such a great dad and grandfather and we feel pretty lucky to be living so close to him now.

Saturday will hopefully start with a run with friends and then we have little errands and appointments all day.

Sunday we have mass and then squeezing in a pedicure before heading to my parents cabin. The husband will go on to Omaha for a visitation for an old co-worker who passed away, prayers for him appreciated.

Ext. Family-1-5.jpg
(photo taken in June by Samantha Patzel Photography)


A Ring of Endless Light– so good that I want my own copy to reread. And also Present Over Perfect and really loving it, though I’m not surprised because everything from Shauna has been great.


Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes and they are delicious and so simple. Disclaimer – Della was the only child that really liked them. Ada said they were ok. Cora didn’t take more than her courtesy bites and Luisa doesn’t really eat these days. I like them a lot though and the husband loved them.

summer 2016

School starts next week and I want to remember the time we had together. Summer 2016 will be remembered by many things.

Mostly by baby Henry. Snuggles and sweating and nursing and bouncing, shushing, swaying to sleep.

We did a lot of less this summer. We usually spend the summer at the pool and doing and going and taking it all in. Because of the baby, and because of the number of children under my care, we didn’t do as much.

There was a lot of me reminding the kids that mommy can’t take them to the pool when the heat index is 110 and he’s too little to get in the pool.

There was a lot of me reminding the kids that they needed to be quiet while their baby brother was sleeping.

There was a lot of me reminding the kids (and myself) that he won’t be little forever.

Summer 2016 will be the summer that I remember Luisa being a handful. So feisty and fun and silly and her one liners kill us all over and over again. She was obsessed with magnatiles and wearing just a diaper to bed and wearing a dress everyday. She was always “too tired” to do whatever I asked of her (until I reminded her that I would put her to bed if she was that tired).

Summer 2016 will be the summer that I remember Ada being an emotional six-year-old. Wanting to be one of the big girls but still (or again?) feeling emotions and feelings so big that there were (are) lots of tears. The last summer of having her at home before she starts full time school in the fall. The summer of her playing legos with her big sisters and magnatiles with her little sister. And learning to ride her bike and then crashing it and refusing to get back on. Of starting (and loving) gymnastics. Of drawing me picture after picture after picture. “What’s your favorite color?” and then making me a picture including the color. So full of love, that one.

Summer 2016 will be the summer that I remember Della being so sweet and loving with her brother. She adores babies and it was so wonderful having her home with me and him while he was so small. She did swim team and got 8th in backstroke at the city meet and lots of ribbons in the regular meets. She loved to ride her bike up and down our hill and play in the backyard. She made a fort on the side of the house. And spent hours and hours and hours with the legos upstairs.

Summer 2016 will be the summer that I remember Cora in between a child and a teen – a tween I suppose. She is the most helpful and sweet and obedient child but also feels big emotions and is navigating this new area of life with her parents. Hopefully in a graceful way from all of us.

Summer 2016 will be Olympics and juicy peaches and hot, hot, hot summer days. The humidity was almost unbearable.  Of my sister and her husband and kids from Oregon here to visit and cousin love. Baby smiles and baby giggles and sticky, chubby baby skin. Finding time to read again and baking here and there and feeling like myself somewhat Summer – the together time got to be almost too much at times but at the same time I’m grateful for it, grateful for the memories.

last week in photos

On Monday she told me “Henry can’t go ice skating! He doesn’t have his ice skating shoes!” after passing a skate board park.

HyVee peaches from Colorado. Only available this time of year. Delicious.

playing nice for a few minutes needs to be documented….. these magnatiles are a favorite around here.

Henry got some new pajamas from a friend from Omaha who was down with her 4 girls to visit. It was really nice to catch up, we used to live three blocks apart and walk back and forth all the time. Missing them….

my dear mother took the big three girls school supply shopping. bless her, I was so dreading it.

4 month birthday and he spent it picking up his sisters from cheer camp

from here and oh heck yes.

Della keeps reading to Henry and it makes my heart burst.

Olympics. Lola snuggles. Lillet on ice.

Henry in his swing, Kelly was getting the bikes ready. They took another ‘tour of parks’ bike ride and rode for 12 or 13 miles.

and then he needed a nap.

made the peach muffins again (recipe one post back) but added in 1 cup of whole wheat pastry flour for the white, subbed 1/2 cup of oil with applesauce, did 3 cups peaches and used less sugar. yum!

Sunday morning coffee and muffin on the porch, Henry in the swing. Life is good.