what I want to remember, Henry


The nurses at the hospital called him “the toddler in the nursery” – another baby had just been born and came in for his newborn check at the same time as us. He was 5 lbs 13 oz and Henry was 9 lbs 11 oz, quite a difference in birth weight!


None of the nurses or people who drew blood (heel pricks) could get over how big his feet were. They all commented on it and it makes me wonder if he’ll be a big/tall person someday? Or if he just has big feet.

I took him to the doctor on April 12th – he was a week and a day old – and they wanted a naked weight. I was there for breastfeeding help so they assumed they would do a before and after feeding weight check. He weighed 10 lbs 1 oz so he was back up to his birth weight and then some! And they laughed and said no feeding weight check was needed. I don’t know why I make so much milk but I try to remember it’s a blessing.


last week in photos

IMG_5299Monday we went to the park. I think that was the last time we saw sunshine all week…

Henry on the walk home from the park.

Some days I hold him and hold him and hold him. All morning. And then he finally falls asleep. And I try to just enjoy it.

Kelly received free tickets to Sesame Street Live and took these two – they loved it!

The house was so quiet without Ada and Luisa. The big two and I played candy land.

A walk in between the rain showers.

At the doctor – she stuck a bead in her nose. It ended up coming out really easily.

Della all dressed for dance and holding Henry.

Two blonde girls with pigtails.

Luisa was mad because she couldn’t hold Henry. And because she had just woken up. And because she is almost a threenager.

Showing me the contents of her backpack (mostly stuff she’s stolen from her sisters).

Happy May Day!!

Daddy snuggles.


Henry right before his bath on Sunday night – texted this picture to a friend, her two year old loves Henry.


“I’ve done the experiment. I’ve moved six times in eight years to very different places, desperately seeking peace and joy. And I still haven’t found what I’m lookin’ for. Parenting, life, friendship, marriage: they are not hard for me because I’m in the wrong place; they’re just hard. So I am finally willing to accept that there is no geographic place that offers perfect peace. Because, as Bubba likes to say, wherever you go, there you are.
I think one of the keys to happiness is accepting that I am never going to be perfectly happy. Life is uncomfortable. So I might as well get busy loving the people around me. I’m going to stop trying so hard to decide whether they are the “right people” for me and just take deep breaths and love my neighbors. I’m going to take care of my friends. I’m going to find peace in the ‘burbs. I’m going to quit chasing happiness long enough to notice it smiling right at me.” (p 243-244)

Carry On, Warrior

when it’s and and not or

I found myself in my midwives office just a week and a half postpartum. I had plugged ducts in my right breast and I was worried about it turning into mastitis. And we had a big weekend coming up, I couldn’t have mastitis (baptism & first communion).

She encouraged me to keep trying to unplug the ducts. Keep doing what I was doing and she gave a few new recommendations.

“How’s it going otherwise?” she asked.

And I cried. Tears spilled down my cheeks.

“Everyone keeps saying to enjoy it and cherish these days of having a newborn and how precious it all is. And I’m tired and my breasts hurt and I just want to sleep.”

“It is something to enjoy and cherish. But it’s also really, really hard. And that’s ok”

And with that I breathed a sigh of relief. Because everyone telling me to enjoy it and cherish every second and isn’t he the most precious ever? I know they didn’t mean it but it felt like (to me) they were saying that it shouldn’t be so hard. It should just be sunshine and rainbows and baby snuggles.

I couldn’t see the hard and beautiful. I just thought it had to be beautiful and not hard – why was I feeling the hard?

When she acknowledged that it’s ok for it to be hard I felt like I was normal again. Because it is hard. I was in there, less then two weeks postpartum. Up so many pounds that I don’t even know how much I have to lose, just that my clothes don’t come close to fitting. I have pads in my bra and pads in other areas too. I’m bleeding and leaking milk. My nipples ached. My back ached. My hormones were crashing from being pregnant to my body going back to normal. All of this topped off with very little sleep and zero free time and kids who seemed to go crazy overnight.
It’s hard! It’s really, really hard.

But he’s also precious and handsome and I look at him and think he is so worth it. I just wish someone else could feed him for a few days so I could sleep. Mostly kidding.

All of this to say what? Do I have a point? I think it’s important to remember to acknowledge where people are. To name the feelings that are hard. To be ok with people in our lives being less than ok. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time and we can love our people through the good and the bad. And I’m thankful that day that I had someone in my life to acknowledge the hard.

last week in photos


trying to wake him up so he has awake time during the day and sleeps at night


during my pregnancy with Henry I couldn’t tolerate any caffeinated coffee – it made me super nauseous. but I’m so happy I can have it again now, because I really need it to wake up and get going.


two week doctor appt which was really almost 3 weeks – 11 lbs 4.8 oz and 98th% for length, weight, and head size! big boy!


Luisa is constantly in his face and it makes me laugh.

her sisters baby and diaper bag and a slice of pizza – multitasking momma!


dance recital on Sunday for the big three – which meant three costumes, three girls who needed makeup, three ballet buns (lots of tears over the hair and makeup). it was a crazy exhausting day.


Henry’s Baptism

Henry was baptized on Sunday April 17th! We were going to wait until June when we had family here but after he was born I just felt like we should do it as soon as possible. So he was two weeks old and sleepy and did great. He fussed once but didn’t cry.


Della’s First Communion

Della had her First Holy Communion on Saturday April 16th. What a super special day! She was really excited and the second grade teachers (Sisters) did such a great job preparing the kids for their day.


She wore the same dress Cora wore and the same veil and shoes. Grandma got her some ruffle socks as she wanted those instead of tights. She looked so beautiful!