last week in photos

it’s been so hot that we don’t even sit on our porch much, but last Monday morning we did for a bit. they were all making plans for a parade/show for their beloved teacher & friend (and saint who stays with our kids while we have traveled these last few years).

I got Henry back from the girls as they raced to the backyard.

not enough coffee on the porch this summer. crazy humidity keeps me inside.

last week of swim team and I can’t say that I’m sad about it. summer can stick around but driving back and forth with a baby has been a challenge this year.

was going to lay down for a few minutes of quiet and this chatty one found me…

she loves her brother.

at the orthodontist for a consultation for Cora (she’s lost all her baby teeth already!) – I think they see us and see $$$ (5 kids who will probably all need braces).

oh sweet Henry how I wish you would sleep in your crib (but I also love the snuggles).

Henry got a new toy this week and Luisa thought he needed to take a phone call.

Cora made a bus.

the car wash – she was so scared! but she did it and didn’t cry and hopefully it will get better.
my hair. I was going to chop it all off but then I went and had a decent hair day. the struggle is real.ūüėČ
tried the bumbo to keep him happy but he didn’t like the cold bumbo on his skin so I tried a blanket in it and he still wasn’t a big fan. but isn’t he big!?!
BLT + pinot grigio = tastes like summer

we went out to dinner after the city swim meet and she took herself to the bar and started chatting with the bartender who gave her an iPad thing to play games on.

Happy Birthday sweet Adelaide!
when your mom wants you to wake up but you don’t want to = this face.
a birthday pedicure for Ada and two girls who finished swim team (I may have bribed one of the swimmers with a pedicure to do the city meet and it worked).

Adelaide’s Sixth Birthday

Adelaide turned six years old today and I always say this but I can’t believe it! I still categorize her as one of “the little girls” but six is pretty big. Six is kindergarten. Six is riding your bike without training wheels. Six is learning to swim by yourself without a puddle jumper. Six is big stuff.



I look back at the¬†day she was born¬†and I think – we look so young! But also, what a sweet little baby and how did it go so fast? How does it feel like yesterday at the same time as it feels like an eternity ago? And how do my girls all look so little there? And how did we survive her newborn time? She was a classic case of colic. She was either crying or asleep (and sleep was hard to convince her to do). So there was a lot of crying (from all of us). She ended up having tubes put in after 6 or 7 ear infections and since then she’s been a pretty happy girl.

Adelaide is all energy and she is constantly dancing and running and spinning and jumping. Limbs flying this way and that, elbows all over the place. Be careful when you get too near to her. She is a huge smile with a dimple on the one side. She is fairly easy going these days though there are some new emotions we’ve been learning to work through lately. She’s one of the big kids now, playing legos and dolls and all kinds of made up games.

Her favorite things to do are whatever her big sisters are doing. She wants to take dance again this fall but she also wants to try gymnastics (which will be a great use of all that energy).

Birthday lunch = Chevy’s Sunday Buffet. Birthday dinner? She wants pizza. She asked for white cupcakes with chocolate frosting. And a last minute carrot cake request to please her dad. Dinner with family tomorrow night? Spaghetti and meatballs. Can you tell food is my love language?

We are so glad Adelaide is part of our family. She is so fun and energetic and sweet. I can’t imagine life without you Ada – we love you and happy birthday!

last week in photos

Reading in the library bathroom because Luisa had to go potty before we left.

Luisa wanted to try on her sisters swim cap but didn’t like it very much.

Eating lunch at the pool.

Hands in the mouth all of the time now.

our wonderful babysitter braids all of their hair while she’s here.

great big baby boys! born less than two weeks apart.

braving the fire pole at school – she was so scared but she did it!

first time in the jumper – he liked it!

she made an American Ninja Warrior course for her duplo guys (too much of that show with dad).

his face. I’m dying still.

they went to see Grandpa and Grandma while I stayed home with Henry and Ada (she had a birthday party to attend).

Henry asleep in his swing!

happy weekend

Yay it’s Friday! What are you up to this weekend?

We are going to celebrate tonight – the husband has been in Kansas City for work for part of the week and he should be home by dinner. I really, really miss him when he’s gone. And the girls are so sad without him here. I’m hoping to go visit a friend and her new baby tonight too!

Tomorrow I’m going for a run – yes it’s coming back! And we are having some families over for a cookout. Last summer we went to¬†Lake McConaughy¬†with four other families and it was so fun. This year there were too many babies being born so we are skipping until 2017. We figured we could still do a cookout though so we’re doing that here tomorrow night.

Sunday Ada has a birthday part for a neighbor girl and Kelly may take the other three girls to visit his dad. He needs some help moving a piece of furniture and it’s a great excuse to see them.


I made this paleo cinnamon coffee cake twice this week. We had a friend over for dinner who is gluten free and we sent most of the first one home with her. I made a second one and it went just as fast. Delicious.


I bought¬†this lip mask¬†in clear to wear to bed at night. I know it seems like an expensive night time lip balm doesn’t it? I have a serious dry lip problem though. I’m constantly putting on lip balm all day. This stuff makes it so I don’t have to do that so much so I’m going to try a tube.


Oh boy, reading all about this¬†three month contentment challenge¬†and thinking I should start it. That could be another post for another day but I’ve had someone in my life suggest giving up something I really like, as sort of a fast for the greater good in other areas of my life. I’m willing but scared…..

Hope your weekend is great!

last week in photos

Summer feels like it’s just slipping away…. going so fast.

so sad about the one ponytail on her head.

so happy with two ponytails on her head.

she lined up the duplo people and was singing them songs and kissing them.

Cora got him to smile so big!

As soon as she wakes up every day lately “I haven’t held Henry today!” so she pees, puts on underwear, and holds her brother. With a big grin.

hands! he puts them together and then to his mouth over and over.

My Mrs. Brown – “She never thought it wise for anyone to look too long at the negative things in her life. Where you look, there you go.”

morning sun

I had finally convinced her to let me schedule a haircut and then Cora fishtailed her hair. She wants to keep growing it but she doesn’t like it brushed or styled. She did like the braid though (I took a picture to show her). It fell right out though because her hair is so slick/straight.

babies sleeping at the park. It’s been so hot here but we meet early and leave early and it’s good for the momma brain to have other moms to hang with. If you’re local and want to join shoot me a text or email. We meet a lot of Wednesdays.

girls shucking corn = summer!

Luisa holding in his paci. He was fussy Sunday morning. But cute!

She has a doll thing that she wants to put a picture of her and her bitty in so we took some pictures and I used the walgreens app to order a copy.


Happy weekend! What are your plans?

We have the last regular swim meet of the season (still have the city meet in a few weeks). We’re also having a new family¬†over for dinner Saturday night – you can see my post about community from yesterday for thoughts on this.

Sunday morning the husband is running the Lincoln Mile – he is excited about it but I will probably keep the kids home. Sunday night is a birthday party for our nephew.


I tried a new nail polish –¬†Zoya April¬†– and I really like it! It is the perfect light neutral pink on me. And I put it on with a base coat and good top coat and it has lasted and lasted, which is rare.


I started My Mrs. Brown (from the library) and checked out The Vegetable Butcher and really want to buy a copy for my own house.


This yummy cake¬†and dairy free whipped cream. I also made this Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble¬†(from the vegetable butcher cookbook). “Sorry honey I didn’t make dinner but I did make two desserts!”

And still working on trying to eat a lot of vegetables. My goal is at least half of my plate to be filled up with vegetables at every meal but it’s a process. I’m also on an over-easy egg kick right now. My favorite.

on community

We live in a smallish city and within our city we live in a small parish. I mean small geographically (it covers a small amount of the city) and a small number of families compared to some of the larger parishes.

We love it and it’s great. But sometimes I imagine it is what living in a very small town looks like.

I drive through our neighborhood to take the kids somewhere and I see people having playdates without me.

I browse instagram or facebook and see gatherings that my family is not included in but other multiple families we know are.

And I get it. I will have one family over for a playdate or dinner on a regular basis. Or we’ll have a gathering and we can’t extend the invite to everyone because where do you stop? I don’t fault anyone for this at all. But that doesn’t stop me from getting my feelings hurt. I guess I’m (over) sensitive.

So what is the answer? I have had this conversation multiple times with multiple people lately and I still don’t know. Because I realize that you can’t invite everyone. But at the same time my heart hurts for people not included or for the times we aren’t included. My husband looks at me like I’m a little too sensitive. He doesn’t have this as a strength and he doesn’t ever feel bothered by it. My sensitive friend totally understands and doesn’t have an answer either. Others seem to not even think about it or notice it.

For now I just keep on within our community. I kind of look at it like a family, but a really big family. We will get along and not get along and hurt each other and help each other. But the ultimate goal is to grow more holy together. And I’m growing myself as I learn to be an adult in a community.

What is your answer to this pondering? Or your thoughts?