last week in photos

more snow.

I mentioned to the girls that I might make pie for Fat Tuesday (to celebrate). After school Tuesday they were looking for pie (that I hadn’t made) so I decided to just do it and I made an apple pie and I do say it was delicious.

Ada got this mask at school and wore it during lunch. And I couldn’t stop laughing.

birthday cupcakes
We took Ina’s Coconut Cupcakes to my mom at work for her birthday.

washer broke
We had a repair guy out to look at our washer. Reason number one to keep up on your laundry – you never know when your machine might break.

Cora needed a picture of her as a baby for a birthday party she went to last week and this is the one I gave her. I can barely believe that is the same girl as my nine year old.

loving on Lola
Luisa was sharing her blanket/teddy bear with our dog Lola (who weighs 6 lbs and doesn’t really like kids).

six miles
Six miles on Saturday morning. One of those “felt like I could run forever” type days.

Lulu costume
The girls put this on Luisa and took the pictures and texted them to my mother.

watching Fixer Upper
Watching Fixer Upper together.

super Lulu
Super Lulu! He put her up and then she kicked her legs up behind her. And then she kept saying/signing ‘more’ over and over and over.

that soup
“That was the worst thing ever in my life!” and I asked her what and she said “that soup!” – apparently she didn’t want leftovers.

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monday: best of last week

:: I love this living with kids! ::

:: 20 books – a nice list of books ::

:: On Becoming a Grown Up – I don’t remember where I found this link but I really like (almost all of) it ::

:: a shared children’s room ::

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a small list

I have received a couple of email requests on book recommendations. I don’t get a ton of books read but I started a new tab called Reading where I will try to update the books I’ve read recently and enjoyed. If you have any book recs for me please let me know!

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last week in photos

not pictured (because I somehow deleted the photo): antibiotics for six. Luisa tested positive for whooping cough which granted all six of us a round of antibiotics. Luckily she hasn’t seemed sick at all and has hardly coughed.

Sunday night I had my nails done with a friend and it was such a simple thing but I felt prettier looking at those red nails.

four girls. sometimes I look at all of them and can’t believe they are all mine (ours) – in a good way!

Luisa – she insisted on the dress up crown and tutu.

Cora’s valentines – pinterest idea.

ada luisa
“take a picture of us hugging!”

“take a picture of me doing this!”

sorting the valentine goodies from school.

the other side of the table.

we put footed fleece pajamas on her for the first time (at least the first time she could remember) and she sat down and kept pointing at her feet and saying “uh oh” and we were all dying at the cuteness.

we made pb kiss cookies.

51 degrees on Friday & no school = play outside.

she is still nursing three times a day – morning, nap, bedtime – or was nursing three times a day. I cut out the before bed nursing to start weaning her before we go out of town next month (a work trip for the husband that I am invited to go on as well). I love nursing her but I can’t manage to mentally wrap my brain around taking my pump along on the trip for my 22 month old.

small valentines baskets for the girls.

hot valentine date at Hardees.

the big three sat at their own table!

kelly jay
Luisa took this picture (with a tiny bit of help) of Kelly on Sunday.

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monday: best of last week

:: 5 things you should do for your marriage ::

:: why I’m all for aging ::

:: it’s ok to want more…. kids “This is all I want to do, and as long as we can make ends meet with me not working any job other than caring for the kids, my husband, and home, this is all I want to do and all I am going to ever do.”::

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knit cowl & prayer

What does prayer have to do with a cowl? I am here to tell you.

gaptastic cowl

Our school assigned each family at the school another family (within the school) to pray for this year. So we all have prayer partners, we’re all one family. I’m not sure if it was purposely assigned this way, or just by chance, but we matched up with one of the teachers who happens to be a family friend. She is the person who stayed with our girls overnight and in the evenings (and weekends!) last year while we were in Maui. It worked out that we totally adore her and feel so blessed by her presence in our life that we keep inviting her for dinner and hoping she keeps saying yes.

gaptastic cowl

We asked her what we could pray for with her intentions in mind and she helped us out with that. So we have been praying. And offering a few daily masses too. But I wanted to do more and really was thinking about what else I could offer. The idea to knit her a cowl came to mind. And to pray while I knit for her. And to try to infuse that cowl with love and prayers and maybe it’s cheesy? But I hope she can feel our love when she wears it (or maybe she hates it and will give it to goodwill?).

gaptastic cowl

gaptastic cowl

It’s an easy pattern, the gaptastic cowl is just a knit one, purl one and repeat over and over. I made one long ago for myself and I still like to pull it out to wrap up on cold days.

gaptastic cowl

I even had to model it so you can get an idea of what it looks like (is it weird that I put it on myself before giving it away? sorry). You get me in my hooded sweatshirt, hair back in a bun, no makeup and all. So anyway, a knit cowl and another excuse to pray for a friend.


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last week in photos

monday morning baking
Monday morning and baking away my stress. The husband was out of town, just for two days but I still stress.

outside snow play
the girls had a snow day Monday too. the big three played in the snow.

three girls
three of the four on one bench, working on projects. Luisa may just be bugging her sisters….

stripes & florals
stripes & florals – layering for warmth.

he's home!
he’s home! he’s laughing because he stuck his tongue out in the first picture and I had to re-take it. boys.

wednesday cold run
Wednesday morning it was raining/snowing and we ran and it was beautiful. got a little cold on the way home though.

thursday morning
thursday morning! my mom came to watch the girls while I got my hair done and I had time to get coffee and a scone first.

peek! a head full of foils.

thursday night
a new pair of glasses, new running tights (loud! but not too loud according to the husband), and knitting on Thursday night.

Saturday morning I was wide awake at 5:30 am with ideas that I needed help typing up on my husband’s laptop. he was so kind to get up with me.

big girl
when did she turn into an almost two year old big girl?

putting together Valentine’s for school.

watching for daddy
Kelly went to run an errand and they were all watching for him.

luisa post map snack
sharing a snack after nap.

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