Monday: best of last week

A fantastic circle of stones interview this week that discusses some things I’ve thought about but not talked about out loud a lot with regard to transitions in life. great stuff.

We already started our list for the summer and I love putting it up on a sign like Meg at Whatever.

A great interview with Grace of Uncommon Grace.

Sugar equivalent of drinks (found via Not Martha). This is something you really must check out! This is exactly why we try not to drink our calories over here. It’s hard though! And I don’t agree with using sugar-free options instead. What about naturally sugar/calorie free options – water, tea, etc. Sorry for the tangent….

This video (Elizabeth Gilbert) and this video (Brene Brown) are fantastic. Both found via Kelly Rae.

Very cool house tour.

I love this post on Vintage Chica and the reversible bag how-to she linked to.

I am totally loving this hand stitched baby book and now I want to make one too. Not sure if I have time though….

One thought on “Monday: best of last week

  1. These are some great links! Thank you for including me, I am really glad that you enjoyed the interview. Sheryl is seriously once of the most amazing women I have ever met. Hope you are feeling well and getting ready for a great weekend

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