I should have a ‘recipe’ tag on here so I’m making it now.  I always post recipes I want to try, or ones I’ve made, and then I can’t find them later.

First up? We made this breakfast couscous last week and it was super good. I admit to having a slight obsession with couscous lately so I could be biased. But it was delicious.

We also made apple pecan cornbread stuffing (via). The recipe is gluten free as it is written but I substituted regular flour for the gluten-free flour. The cornbread for this recipe? So, so amazingly good that it was hard to save it for the stuffing.  The stuffing had great flavor but it was super dry.  It didn’t call for any liquid, which I thought was strange, but being my first time at making stuffing I just followed the directions.  We ended up adding a little bit of chicken stock towards the end of cooking but it was still dry.  I think I’ll make it again and try to add more stock.

And I had a request for whereabouts on the recipes from the party we had for Kelly.

tomato soup.

white bean, sausage, & tomato soup (I add cooked, ground sausage to the recipe in the link, and more tomatoes than it calls for, and no parsley).

chicken noodle – pretty standard – homemade chicken broth, frozen Reames egg noodles, cut up carrot, celery, onion, garlic (to taste). chicken – we roast a chicken and shred it and keep it in the freezer for soups and dinners.

soft gingersnaps.

One thought on “recipes

  1. So funny – I just got on here to get that recipe (soft ginger snaps). I know you emailed it to me but thought I could find it here faster. The recipe tag is a great idea.

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