peanut butter cookies

I just learned that the husband seriously likes peanut butter cookies. How did I not know that before? I had a new recipe printed off – half-way to heaven peanut butter cookies – and he saw it and requested I make it.

The cookies are seriously good! I used shortening instead of butter to make them dairy free. I can never decide between shortening and margarine. Does anyone know when one would be used over the other? Yes, I know margarine is gross. When I’m dairy/soy free I have to have an alternative.

Note: the recipe does not list the ingredients in the correct order of mixing & using them. Pay attention or you will have to dump out ingredients when you mix them incorrectly. Not that I would have done that.

cookie and coffee

And I may have eaten one with my coffee this morning. They are so good.

3 thoughts on “peanut butter cookies

  1. I need to take a look at that recipe! Peanut butter (with chocolate chips) are Noah’s favorite (I also learned this in the last year or so – what gives?) and I could use a good recipe. All I know about the margarine vs. shortening is that in my experience, I like the shortening better for most baking. It seems to leave a better texture, where the margarine works better for me in sauces and that sort of thing. If you figure it out – you’ll have to post for my benefit!

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