monday: best of last week

:: what happens when you open your hands to what is (warning: this blog has music) ::

:: a new food blog that is about so much more than just food ::

:: diy chalkboard holiday favors ::

:: this is so inspiring – “I’m not a “the master bedroom is my sanctuary” kind of person. Nature is my sanctuary I’ve been wishing lately for much less space. ::

:: the right way to be a mommy ::

:: “I run because I can”. yes. ::

:: technology and raising children ::

:: a year in new york ::

2 thoughts on “monday: best of last week

  1. I really wanted to tell you that I love you link lists. I think they are the best out there….maybe it’s just because we see the world the same way… 😉 Anyway, thank you for doing the hard work and putting them down here for me (and others) to see. Also, you have inspired me to start running!

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