1 : The girls and I went to Cherry on Top last week while we were visiting my family. We (unfortunately) don’t have any here. It was super good. We have Red Mango and it is good but does have a bit of an aftertaste. The Cherry on Top was sweeter and the girls loved it and it tasted more like ice cream.

2 : I really, really like my running tights. I never thought I’d say that. I thought they were for super skinny chicks that run super fast. But no matter how fast or long you run, the tights are super nice because you don’t have to think about them. The bottom hem is tight so it doesn’t flop around. They don’t fall down or ride up. I got a few pairs at Marshalls from Reebok and they’ve been great so far.

mine are like these.

3 : The boot lust continues. I’ve not purchased any new ones this year. I doubt I will. But these Madewell boots are so fantastic, I think I wanted them last year too:


4 : We ran out of coffee filters for the Chemex last week. And new ones finally came last Friday. I was missing the smooth taste of the coffee. It feels better when you put a little effort into making the coffee instead of just pushing buttons and having it made for you. Is that crazy talk?

5 : We went to Stella’s last weekend. It was so, so good. Seriously so good I can’t stop thinking about it. They have the best burgers I think I’ve ever tasted.

6 : I’ve been wanting this dress from Target for awhile now but I dislike paying full price for anything from Target (or anything in general). It’s on the clearance racks now and after seeing it on Elise’s blog I knew I had to have it (and the yellow tights). I used boots I already had in a similar color and pretty much copied her look completely:


7 : We made baked parmesan garlic fries this weekend. And also caramelized brussels sprouts. Each recipe was super tasty on its own but they were great combined too. We also made bbq chicken and it didn’t turn out so tasty.

8 : I bought some amande yogurt last week at Whole Foods because it was on sale. It’s cultured almond milk and it is dairy/soy free. It was just okay. I really, really love the coconut milk yogurt (I buy plain) and the almond yogurt just wasn’t as great.

9 : This is a fantastic house tour. I love that she uses “the old wedding custom “something old, something new, something borrowed…” that’s perhaps the best way to sum up my style” to make sense of her decorating style.

10 : This exhale post from Soulemama is a great reminder for always, but especially at this busy time of year. I find myself rushing everyone and saying “hurry, hurry, hurry” but lately I’ve been taking a breath, slowing down my thoughts, and thinking “there is time”. Really, there is time.

One thought on “lately

  1. Maybe I went to Stella’s on an “off night” or maybe I just had too much build-up to the best burger ever, but I thought that it was just an “okay” burger. But I have to say that I believe that Dinker’s has the BEST burgers. And the best homemade onion rings and homemade ranch.

    I do have to say, that I loved that Stella’s offered peanut butter as a topping. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it.

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