monday: best of last week

:: Test Angst on Momfilter ::

:: in the gift closet – this would be a great stocking stuffer too, I think ::

:: rushing and mindfulness ::

:: on being good enough – this is great, and I believe it’s so true ::

:: create your own nativity scene ::

:: on slowing down ::

:: narrowing the priorities – pick two things to prioritize each day. great idea ::

:: Child of Mine – how to feed your child. this is a great book & I was happy for the reminder ::

:: I love this project and I’ve had the song she links to in that post on repeat for days now ::

:: “Welcome to the Age of Overparenting”. amazing article. ”

The question we have to ask ourselves when it comes to interacting with our kids, he says, is “When is this about me, and when is it about you? And that’s a hard thing to do.”

thanks Marina for the link (on facebook) ::

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