I’ve found so many great tasting recipes lately. So I thought I’d share.

Light and Healthy Vegetarian Lo Mein – we are trying to eat more vegetables. This recipe has a lot of ingredients. It kept me fairly busy in the kitchen. But it wasn’t hard at all. And it was so, so good. The flavor of the sauce was amazing. I made it two days in a row.


Apple Cake/Bread – I suppose this is a quick bread more than a cake. I absolutely love the flavors in here though. I made it four times in about a month. I sprinkle the top with turbinado sugar because that is what I have on hand. It sparkles and it tastes so good.


Black Bean and Tortilla Pie – I had a similar recipe to this that I had been making for a few years. But it called for a can of salsa to season everything. I like this one much better with the beer & cumin. I made this and we ate a ton of it. Definitely going into the recipe book.


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