an update

An update to the honest truth post from last week. Maybe I should call it “On Friday I Feel Like Pouring My Heart Out”.

The job I applied for was at a local department store and specifically it was working for a makeup counter at said department store. I worked at the same one while I was in college so I thought it would be an easy job to get. No such luck – they called today to say that the district manager “doesn’t feel like (you) would be a good fit for her team”. Yikes. I wasn’t even sure I wanted the job, or that I was right for the job, but that is a blow to the self-esteem.

The breast issue? Both the mammogram and the ultrasound came back “negative” but the doctor wanted to schedule me for a biopsy. We aren’t even totally sure she has found a lump or if she just found part of my ribs or other body parts that are supposed to be there. So we’re going to watch it for a few months and keep on eye on things. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Adelaide obviously did well with her tubes. But she isn’t doing so great on her sleeping – I’m still feeling like I have a newborn in the house.

Despite everything, this has been a decent week. I mean, life is so full and so good. I knocked a bunch of things off my to-do list. The husband and I spent a night playing a game this week which was a nice way to connect:

phase 10

I got out of the house for a few hours yesterday, even if it did include visiting the dentist (I need my wisdom teeth out, yikes!) and getting my eyebrows done, I also ran to the mall for some purely selfish shopping. I found a pair of jeans for $10.50, I couldn’t even believe it. And a striped shirt for $9:

clothes shopping

I had ice cream with my baby girl while the other two were at art class:

ice cream

My mom brought me some Moonstruck Chocolate back from Portland (and it had espresso in it so I ate a bit for breakfast, why not?):


And we had plenty of sunshine and even 70 degrees one day. It was so gorgeous here all week.

(do you see the toddler in that picture trying to do everything her sisters do? oh yes.)


So nice that we took a walk in the near dark and no one froze.

family walk

And now we are gearing up for a snowstorm, which I’m actually not dreading. They say maybe 8 inches so I’m going to get groceries, make dinner in the crockpot (vegetarian lasagna, my neighbor gave me the recipe), rent some movies on redbox, and enjoy each other this weekend.

Happy weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “an update

  1. I don’t think I knew about the lump- must have missed that. I’ll pray for that, too.
    And weird about the make-up counter. Weird being, why not. And on to the next thing…

  2. I missed that one too. I’m sorry that you have that on your list of worries. I am glad to hear that it is most likely not something to worry about. I am glad that you have been feeling like things are better this week. About the job… well, that would feel bad… and strange. Thinking of you lots!

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