monday: best of last week

:: “on time”. check out the comments on this post too. I feel so much the same. Not enough time to do all I want yet I still squirrel away precious time. ::

:: frozen kale seems like a great idea for those days you don’t have fresh in the house ::

:: how to poach an egg (I love, love, love poached eggs) via Dinner: A Love Story (which has a link to a pan to cook eggs in without them sticking. and without teflon. that I now want) ::

:: I’m sure you’ve seen this, but if not – Crafty Chloe Makes Stuff Blog – it’s adorable and it’s crafts for kids. yay! ::

:: another living with kids house tour ::

:: Nebraska is in the top ten states for well-being ::

:: homemade ginger tea ::

:: how one couple keeps the sparks flying in their marriage. cute idea ::

:: pancakes that are maybe a little easier on your blood sugar levels than traditional pancakes ::

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