31 today.

Last year there was 30 while I’m 30 and before that there was “29 while I’m 29” and before that “golden 28“.

This year (today!) I turn 31 years old. Something about 31 feels very serious to me. Like I’m a real adult all of the sudden. It’s probably silly I know, but it is my truth. So I am making another list. It helps keep me accountable all year.

And I tried to do a “31 while I’m 31” list. But, to be honest, I wasn’t inspired to do one and couldn’t come up with very many items. I’m still going to work on it privately, and if I come up with something I will post. But, I’m coming to a new conclusion with all of this. I’m happy with our life. And it’s (very) full. There isn’t time (or money) for art class right now. We prioritize what we feel is important and that is what we need to focus on right now.

4 thoughts on “31 today.

  1. Happy Birthday Kelly! I think you should just reverse the numbers and say you are going to do something big with the number 13 – like run 13 miles or something!!!

  2. I was 43 last week. So, to me 31 is really young. I wish I could go back there and start again sometime. When I was 31, my daughter was a year old. Now, she’s 13 1/2!!!

    Happy Birthday Kelly!!! 31 is young! I know it may not feel like it but you are! xo

  3. So I went back and read your 30 things list, and you had learn to draw on there. I know that it may still be a little expensive for something frivolous, but have you heard anything about The Corky Canvas in Lincoln? It is a place that you can learn to paint a painting (no matter what your skill level) and drink and socialize while you do it. It might be something fun to do with your friends, or sisters (and mom). It is $35 – $40 per painter per hour, but you get to keep the painting that you do. Just an idea for something to look into.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i knew when you were eating so much loveliness on instagram yesterday that something was up! hope your day was awesome. xoxo.

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