Easter Sunday

A last minute change of plans had us staying at home for Easter this year. And had me driving all over on Saturday buying groceries to make food for Easter (not a great idea if you were wondering)!


Sunday morning we woke everyone up early to head to 7:30 am mass. It was the best idea we’ve had in a long time. Mass was full but not over full and the girls were pretty good. Then it was home for our Easter egg hunt and baskets. And then it was outside for a hunt at our neighbor’s house. She lives next door and has one son who is a junior in high school and she loves the little kids that live on each side of her (and the kids on the other side of her house happen to be great friends of our kids). It was so much fun and now we have more than enough candy in our house.

easter egg hunt

easter basket
excited about our shin gaurds…

I really wanted to try some of the recipes from the Martha Stewart Laid Back Easter Brunch that Jennifer Causey shot (and here). The whole article was beautiful and the food looked amazing.

We ended up making the cheese, leek, and herb souffle. And by “we”, I mean it really was both of us making it. Kelly helped a ton in the kitchen which was nice since it was kind of an involved recipe. We were going to make the oven browns but we didn’t end up doing it, there was enough going on in the kitchen. And we were both happy with that decision. The souffle was amazing, so so good. I think we have a new Easter tradition.


Easter souffle making


lilacs on the lunch table.

We did make the minted mandarin and strawberry coolers, sort of. I left the mint out for the girls and just muddled strawberries and added orange juice from a gallon. The recipe calls for juicing 32 mandarins, and while I assume that is super tasty, I just don’t have that kind of time to be in the kitchen. The girls loved their juice and thought it was so special and fancy. Kelly and I added mint to ours. I added a bit of Pinot Grigio to mine and he added Gin to his. These were so good and the way we made them was super easy. I wish we would have had some champagne to add!

strawberry orange

We spent most of the rest of the day outside. The weather was gorgeous and everyone was happy. Della hunted for bugs (in her Easter dress):

finding bugs

We painted nails, put together new lego sets, napped, watched the Masters, and cut down tree branches.

cutting tree branches

(she was really mad she couldn’t carry the branches. but she sure tried)


For dinner we had a roast that I had put in the crock pot in the morning. I love being able to do that. It’s so tasty but so easy. I also made whipped sweet potatoes (bake sweet potatoes for an hour, put in mixer with molasses, brown sugar, orange juice, salt and whip). We also had an amazing carrot cake for dessert (my mom’s recipe) that my husband calls “his favorite dessert ever”.


carrot cake

The evening found the husband and me outside. He was cutting the branches that he trimmed from the tree. And I was knitting. We exchanged desserts with the neighbors. And then we started a fire and sat together. Me knitting. Both of us talking. A great end to a great day.

night knitting
it’s too dark to see here but the kids across the street were rolling down the hill inside of yard waste bags. And laughing and having the best time.

knitting by the fire

What a wonderful day spent together with loved ones! Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!

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