fitness friday – dream races?

What races do you have on your wish list, or what are the races you dream of doing?

When I saw this post on the mother runner website it made me immediately want to run the 2012 Run Through the Lavender Field Half Marathon and 5k. It may sound odd but I have “visit a lavender field” on my bucket list. Even better? Running through one.

I have also wanted to run the Nike Women’s Marathon (or half?) in San Francisco. It is supposed to be very hilly and difficult though so that will hold me back. Here is some more information as that link doesn’t seem to be working great.

I can’t decide if I want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to be a princess? I have to admit I was interested after seeing the medal.

Hood to Coast sounds amazing too.

What races are on your list? Give me some good ideas!

One thought on “fitness friday – dream races?

  1. The disney one sounds like fun, but did you see what time the 2012 one started…5:45am. I would love to run another 1/2 outside of the state of NE. my friends are running one in Chicago in Sept but I am on vacation that weekend.

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