monday: best of last week

:: “Strawberry season — like childhood, like marriage, like life itself — is fleeting. Fail to pay attention, get too distracted by other things, and you’ll miss it.” so, so good ::

:: 5 steps to getting into a headstand ::

:: 20 steps to set up a fit lifestyle ::

:: editing is the skill of the century ::

:: “Because I’ve been all noise-all motion-all hustle for way too long. I don’t need a vacation or a career change. I need every day to be punctuated by moments of space and silence and beauty. The beauty and stillness and wonder are there, all the time, waiting for me to notice, and lately, I haven’t been noticing much. The choices are mine to make: I make the space or I don’t. I turn off the tv or I don’t. I let things go undone or I don’t.” from (the ever amazing) Shauna Niequist ::

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