last week in photos

grey rainy monday
super grey and rainy Monday. so unusual for us.

chips at 9 am
tortilla chips at 9 am? sure, why not.

burned sweet potato
burned my sweet potato fries.

I purchased the cheapest kindle – any reading suggestions?

amigos. fave.
after our last swimming lessons.

i voted
I voted.

library story time.

geckos at library
geckos at the library – she is fascinated.


tea and scone
tea & scone.

panda express
we put an offer on a house in our new city and Friday it was being inspected. we didn’t get to dinner until 7 pm (super late for us) and ended up at the mall on a Friday night. so strange – we don’t take the kids to the mall very often, I get overstimulated there, I can’t imagine being a child there. the Panda Express was amazing though.

73 and sunny
Saturday it was 73 and sunny……

And Sunday it was 30 and freezing and windy. perfect knitting weather.

dairy queen
not too cold for dairy queen I guess.

mckennas box
Cora wrote on McKenna’s box (American Girl) where to put the box at our new house so she doesn’t get lost. So sweet.

I didn’t take very many pictures and it was mostly of food. We had a lot happening but not a lot to document I guess. More soon…

3 thoughts on “last week in photos

  1. You’re going to have to stop posting those slushie pictures – last week I had to stop and get one myself and it looks like it might be a repeat this week – and a stop at DQ:) Let me know what you think about your kindle. I’m thinking about putting one on my Christmas list. Totally missing our running already – having a hard time motivating myself knowing I’m not meeting you at the corner.

  2. Do you really like the house you put on offer on? Panda Express is one of the places we’ll go if we’re out and about and need to eat. Although I can’t eat there, my kids can and I just watch them. I love Chinese so, it’s kind of torture!

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