last week in photos

serious salt craving. stole these from my sister’s shelf in the pantry.

Monday afternoon at the park. We went to the park Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Della park
Della at the park.


bagel pear
Bagel & pear for breakfast. The pears are good right now.

mango raspberry
Mango and raspberry from Trader Joe’s (can you tell I went grocery shopping).

eating my eggs
she preferred my hard boiled egg over her sandwich.

the park from Tuesday and Wednesday. I remember going here as a child.

sidewalk chalk
sidewalk chalk in my sister’s backyard. we had a beautiful week of weather.

dance class we were trying out. there were only two other kids and it was strange. still looking….

pumpkin muffin and film
pumpkin muffin and the herriott grace film (worth a watch).

Thursday park.

chicken veggie salad with avocado herb dressing – this was really good but I love avocado.

tea and pumpkin muffin
more pumpkin muffin.

driving to Grandpa John
driving to see Grandpa John – Nebraska is so flat and open.

sunset on the way home from Grandpa John and Grandma Murlene’s house.

(rare) pedicure Saturday morning with my sister.

pumpkin pie
Pumpkin pie leftovers. We had Thanksgiving on Sunday. It was glorious. I was too busy eating to take pictures.


this light
this light reminds me of my childhood.

putting on a show
the girls put on a show for us Sunday night. such fun.

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