last week in photos

they kind of cleared me for exercise – they said “we don’t know if it’s ok so try it and see how your body reacts” – so I’m trying it.

out to breakfast
out to breakfast with my favorite two year old. she is seriously super sweet most of the time.

hot chocolate
there has been a lot of this in the last week. it’s so super cold outside and for some reason I’ve been craving more than tea. this is yum.

Christmas cards sent
finally got the Christmas cards sent.

park afternoon
we walked to the park one afternoon when it was fairly nice outside.

good reading
this was really, really good. I think I finished in about 36 hours and it’s long. not much else got done around the house….

feels like home
I made one of the girls favorite dinners, it bakes in the oven. the house felt like home this night. we’re getting there.

snow day coloring
Cora had a snow day on Thursday – no school! – so I got out this play house that I purchased last year to use on a snow day (and we never got a snow day last year). they were thrilled.

snow day coloring
they played with this thing for hours. and I can recycle it when they are done. and it was super cheap!

quiet time
my quiet time.

it snowed
our first snow. it’s kind of pretty but it’s been so very cold.

daddy's work
we had lunch with Kelly at work and then got to see his new office. the girls got cookies from a lady on his floor. it was nice to see where he spends his day.

dance Christmas tree
Christmas tree and candy canes at dance class. Cora took this picture.

Saturday morning out to breakfast. doesn’t he look thrilled?

I’ve been craving asparagus and so I made a big bunch and ate half of it. Not pictured: the peanut m&m’s I’ve been eating a ton of.

christmas lights
we drove around to look at Christmas lights and then went to get ice cream.

cutting for baking
we made sugar cookies with grandma (my mom). the girls love this tradition and it’s quite a bit of work but so worth it. and they taste so good.

I think she could decorate cookies all day. Della got bored and went off to play.

greatest movie (thanks mom for texting and letting me know it was on!).

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