another update

This one sounds pretty sad, doesn’t it?

Things are going better. Still some hard times but overall better. I don’t know why I was so hard on myself. If one of the girls was having a hard time adjusting and missing their old home, I would have told them “it takes time, be gentle with yourself, it will feel like home soon enough”. Why can’t I be more loving with myself? I guess that is one of those lessons that I keep on learning.

So, things are going better. The floors were refinished and we are moving in all of our old first floor furniture. It’s amazing what that can do to make a house feel like a home. We have a couch! We have a dining table! We have things hanging on the walls! We’re also painting (and by “we” I mean this: Kelly (the husband) is painting). This makes a huge difference too. I walk and now and feel like I’m at home. It’s a really nice feeling to have.

I’ve met some really nice people at church. It still hasn’t gone any further than that, which I think is understandable. I am confident that it will get better/easier as time goes on. It’s hard to make friends!

So anyway, things are better. I still miss our old house and friends and city but I think that is normal. Life is moving right along.

2 thoughts on “another update

  1. Hello and Congratulations! It’s been a while Kelly!
    A big move AND a new baby! Of course this is a bit overwhelming for all of you right now. I am glad you just gave yourself that wonderful advice. You deserve is just as much as any of your little ladies would.
    I think that you are doing an amazing job taking care of your family and yourself in this time. Just remember that winter is a time when people are hibernating a bit too. We see our friends and neighbors less because we are busy and it gets dark early and we are cold and pulled towards the warmth of home and family. I am always surprised at how much our world expands again each spring. I am sure that will be something for you to look forward to as well!
    I’m looking forward to more glimpses of your new home as it takes shape!
    Happy Monday Kelly!

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