last week in photos

savoring the quiet
savoring the Sunday night quiet before we are back to school/work on Monday.

mango with Cora, she’s tired.

second breakfast. girl time.
second breakfast. girl time.

salad craving
craving salad. or the salad dressing maybe.

later I had this. it all balances out?

buttons finally on. I finished this before we moved.

new sweater Ada
it fits her shoulders fine but it’s too short. I think she can get away with it for the spring.

“take a picture of me too, Momma!”

it’s above freezing, we walk to school pick up.

snack time
snack time. I love these toes.

pizza on naan
pizza on the naan.

we walk
another day of walking. we had a few really nice days last week.

all three
all three girls.

morning snuggles.

pretty good
tastes pretty good!

couch bed
Della made a bed on the couch for both of them to share.

"I do not love you!"
“I do not love you” though she crossed out the “not”.

still trying
still trying to run/walk. I love this shirt Steph!

avocado toast = lunch.

ballet dancing.

"Ada do it"
“Ada do it” – a ton of stairs up from the church basement after donut Sunday.

casting on again. Della’s color choice (which is much brighter in real life than the photo seems to imply). Knitting another “in threes” cardigan. super easy/mindless.

good to remember
good reminder. Magical Journey.

One thought on “last week in photos

  1. Kelly!!! I’m so excited! I was hoping for a little belly pic and you did not disappoint!❤ Baby bumps are lovely! I can't believe you're still running! I'm amazed!!! That's awesome! when are you due? What are you having?? I might find these out as I scroll through the previous week's entries…..

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