dreaming of summer & a CSA

I’ve been looking at joining a CSA for the summer and came across this amazing video (the little pigs! the baby chickens!) (that is part one. here is part two) about a local farm. They are organic and biodynamic, both of which are harder to find around here (lots of big corn fields in Nebraska). I’m excited to join a CSA and support a local farm. I’m also excited to know I can get pastured eggs from them and (in the fall/winter) get grass fed beef. These ideas about getting food like this for our family have been in my head for a long time but for whatever reason have not ever actually joined one.

I found quite a few farms close to me that offer a CSA – now I need to pick one.

2 thoughts on “dreaming of summer & a CSA

  1. Oh yes! CSA love! Ours just sent out the February heads-up that we will get our next contract in the mail soon! Yay! I still have a few potatoes and 1 squash left from last season! Have fun choosing!

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