last week in photos

Sunday night, in bed and going to sleep at 8:50.

she asked for a ponytail.

and then she left it in most of the day! I love her little back of neck.

$4 sunflowers from Trader Joe’s – bringing my own sunshine.

her hair is getting long!

lunch with just Della (I wasn’t a fan of the restaurant)! my mom kept Ada so I could take Della to her kindergarten preview. it was fun to have a lunch date with her.

girl date
coffee/tea date with my big girls – my mom kept Ada for awhile longer and I took the big two to swimming lessons.

girl date
girl date.

at swim lessons again
at swimming lessons.

passed a level in swimming
they each passed to a new level at swimming lessons!

my favorite
these are some of my favorite things – cara cara oranges, proscuitto, “unexpected cheddar” from Trader Joe’s, and some crackers. lunch.

dance class
at dance class though Ada wants to be the one dancing. with her blanket and too big ballet shoes.

new book
new (gorgeous) book.

saturday morning donuts
Saturday morning out for donuts.

home show
at the home show. we bought cheese and garlic sausage.

pigtails Ada
she let grandma give her pigtails!

working on Della's room
taking a sink/cabinet out of Della’s (to-be) bedroom. then it was painted pink (her choice).

trying on Daddy’s glasses.

Cora too.

And Adelaide, not to be left out – this picture made me laugh for about 10 minutes.

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