last week in photos

stick on
stick on earrings from preschool family fun night the evening before. she was super excited.

snack – toasted some coconut with cinnamon and added it to yogurt with almond slices and blackberries. and a bit of honey.

scrambled eggs with spinach, cherry tomatoes, half of an avocado.

the newest 3191 while I wait for Cora. I can’t wait to make the little paper stars and put some in the nursery or girls rooms.

Bread & Wine
waiting for Cora again (piano lessons) and I received a copy of Bread & Wine. I love it, stay tuned for a giveaway of this book at the end of March.

super Ada
Super Ada! And Daddy working on his phone. It’s nice they gave him a work phone but now he actually has to work on that phone.

I love her snuggles.

And then she got a bath because she stuck her hand in her poopy diaper. And it was somehow on her legs and feet too. Interesting morning…

home "sick"
She stayed home sick from school but I’m not sure how sick she was! She had a low grade fever for about half a day but otherwise seemed fine.


working and waiting for Cora
waiting for Cora after school while I knit.

all new buttons on Cora’s school sweater and all new buttons on Ada’s coat. one of my least favorite tasks but it needed to be done!


I was up sick most of Wednesday night so was in bed most of Thursday. The girls were out of school for a snow day (and Friday) so luckily Kelly stayed home.

what happens when mommy is sick and daddy lets Ada dress herself.

finished sweater
finished! except for blocking/buttons. she put it on and twirled around and exclaimed “it’s perfect momma!!” which made my day. Ada doesn’t like to wear her sweater I made her!

the most amazing treat at breakfast Sunday. we had dinner out for a work thing for Kelly on Saturday night and I brought this home. so good.

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