Have you heard of Everlane**? I hadn’t until very recently. But I really think they have a neat concept:

A traditional designer shirt is sold at over 50 different stores and is marked up 8x by the time it reaches you. At Everlane, we bypass these channels and create the shortest path from our designs to your hands.

We have no physical stores and no retail partners. Instead, we sell exclusively at everlane.com. By avoiding all of the costs of traditional retail we’re able to offer the same quality as any designer good at truly disruptive prices.

I wanted to order some t’shirts to try, I wear t’shirts almost every day. Seeing as my stomach isn’t really normal sized, I opted to order a tote instead. I’ve been looking for a new bag. I thought about getting something “nice” and even ordered a bag from Madewell that I had on my wishlist forever. But it was too expensive for me to feel comfortable carrying kid/baby stuff in and I sent it back.

Navy Tote – at $35 I am ok with it being a purse/diaper bag for a few years.

**I think I get a referral if you sign up through that link above.

One thought on “Everlane

  1. I love that tote! So great. I may have to order one for myself.😉 I really want the weekender bag, but we just don’t travel enough to justify it. Ah well.

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