last week in photos

banana bread
I made banana bread. I think it was gone in 18 hours.

built ins
The start of built in bookshelves. There will be wood on the back and trim on the front and shelves inside. The husband is doing it himself so it’s a slow process – when does he have time to do this – but they will be nice when done.

built ins
There will be another line of shelves running horizontally over the windows all the way across.

swim lessons
Swimming lessons. Every Monday, every Wednesday. Not my favorite place to be but I can see the progress in their swimming skills! I’m hopeful we will have two independent swimmers this summer. Wishful thinking?

special drink
A special non-alcoholic drink from the cookbook Dinner: A Love Story.

My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I came home with a (mini) watermelon and cantaloupe. I was craving this simple summer fruit salad though and I told him not to argue with the pregnant lady. All you do is chop the melons up and add a tiny bit of honey, some fresh squeezed lime juice, and cut up some fresh mint. It is delightful.

story time
Weekly story time at the library.

Why eat out when you can make salads like this at home? Arugula Hazelnut Salad with Fig Balsamic – was seriously so amazing.

book stack
Stack of books from the library.

My favorite = snuggle time with this girl. We both like to read stacks of books in my bed.

Another amazing salad. The cookies on the side of the picture? The best I’ve found in our new town.

our 'fruit snack'
Finishing the fruit salad.

our 'fruit snack'
With her help.

New Tom’s – spring fever? A local store had the kids shoes on sale 20% off so we got some for all the girls.

angry birds
They love playing Angry Birds and I can’t figure out how to play.

dinner in the car
Dinner in the car from Bread & Cup. In the car. We were looking to try somewhere new and it was the last day of the sale on Tom’s. We were taking Cora to get her shoes so we were downtown. The husband thought this restaurant was kid friendly. After we got there we didn’t feel comfortable having the kids eat there – maybe for lunch? So we got two pizzas to go and ate in the car.

pope talk
Cora teaching Della about the Pope resigning.

new bag
My new bag came and I love it.

fish fry
Fish fry with free dessert so she just eats the cupcake. She did eat some mac’n’cheese too.

saturday morning bed lounging
Lounging in bed for a little while longer on a Saturday morning.

ice cream
Sundays are for ice cream.

baking cookies
New cookie recipe. From Bread & Wine.

leftover fajitas
Leftover fajitas were so amazingly good.

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