this week

This week has kind of beaten me down. So a brain dump is in order.

1 : I failed my gestational diabetes test on Wednesday. The first time in four pregnancies! I was a lot shocked and a lot upset. I’m trying to decide what to do. I can take the three hour test but it sounds miserable – fast after midnight and go in for a blood draw at 8:30. Drink the glucola (75 g of sugar!) and repeat blood draw at 9:30 and 10:30. That means I can’t eat until after the 10:30 blood draw which is ridiculous. I would never do that to my body in real life! If I refuse the test I have to be treated like I have gestational diabetes for the rest of my pregnancy – take nutritional counseling and track my blood sugar.

2 : The husband left town on Sunday afternoon for a work trip. He flew on his company’s private plane to Las Vegas. And then on Wednesday they flew to Charlotte. And I know he was working and it was a super busy schedule with some late nights. I still think it’s partially a vacation when you can eat all your meals with other adults (no cutting food for little people! or wiping faces! or filling milk cups!). Regardless of if it was a vacation or work trip, I really missed him and I’m so glad he’s home today!

<img src="flying private” alt=”plane” />

3 : It was so sunny and warm yesterday that we took off our coats. This is a very big deal! I think the temp was near 45-50. The girls were thrilled.

4 : We “tested” a few different brands of peanut butter. The people in my house won’t eat the most natural kind that you have to stir and keep in the refrigerator – any tips on that? So we’ve been buying Jif ‘natural’ for some time. The husband came home with a couple of other types to see how they compare.

pb” alt=”pb” />

And this:
pb” alt=”pb” />
Not as good as the Jif. Just so you know.

5 : We have nothing ready for the baby. The husband is trying to finish the shelves he is building in the living room before moving on to the nursery. And we are trying to decide between buying a crib locally or having me drive to Ikea (6 hours) to get a cheaper crib there. We’ve usually switched our two-year-olds to beds and given the crib to the baby but I know if we do that then Ada will stop napping. Not ready for her to give up her nap! I’m not overly concerned, I still have three months left, but I know how fast time goes lately and I’d like to get it started!

6 : I just recently learned of Kindred and quickly ordered a copy. I love these smaller scale magazines that bring back meaning and real writing to the ‘magazine’ world.


7 : I’m not sure why all my flickr photos look like that in this post. I’m sorry but I’m too tired to deal with it.

8 : This post about having another girl was totally because I emailed him. I am so tired of the rude comments and I don’t know what to say to people. Any ideas?

9 : I don’t have any knitting projects started so I purchased the Sunday Sweater pattern (from Ginny). Now I just need to decide who to knit it for. I really want to make something for Cora because she asks (and I never knit for her). But the price of all that yarn makes me nervous!


10 : Lent + Husband out of town + three little kids + parents out of town + failing my glucose test + Pregnancy = a very tired, very worn out and stressed out momma. Happy Weekend (can it start now?)!

2 thoughts on “this week

  1. Thinking of you…..I posted a comment on the sight about so many girls. It is amazing how when you are pregnant, people feel so open to discussing things with you! I’m glad the Mr. is back and I’m sure he is too. Having traveled some for my work now, it really isn’t as great as it seems – but I can definitely remember how I thought B had it easy when he traveled too. As for the glucose test, do what you feel is right. One of my friends at work tested positive the first time and when she retested it came back normal. She said it was hard to fast but worth it in the end. We’ll talk soon – I’ll have to share some of my pregnancy comments with you to cheer you up!! Missing you.

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