last week in photos

this girl is constantly with a pile of books.

bunny parts
bunny parts.

chocolate chili
chocolate chili – recipe – really, really good. Ada ate a ton of it, the other two girls not so much. Kelly was a huge fan. If you don’t like beans this is the chili for you.

la croix
I got a babysitter one of the nights the husband was out of town. She put the kids to bed while I ran a few errands. I had my first ever La Croix and it was pretty good.

need this
so need this in the mornings.

honey crisp
honey crisp apple – I think it’s my favorite.

great grandma
Ada and I took her great grandma to get her hair cut.

great grandma
going for walks on great grandma’s walker is the most fun.

bath Adelaide
Adelaide in the bath. It’s not as nice as the clawfoot at the old house (I miss that tub) but it does the job.

and my bath time.

he is home
he is home!

poker chips
and he brought home poker chips. “what are these for mommy?”

these girls
these girls.

out for a long walk.

and swinging at the park.

snacks to-go
snacks to go.

sixty degrees!

peppermint tea
peppermint tea. almost every night. helps my stomach, I get terrible pregnancy heartburn.

holding hands
holding hands on the way to Omaha. we had tickets to a show at the children’s theater.

we got a boatload of snow.

Ada and Barbie
Ada and Della’s barbie.

One thought on “last week in photos

  1. I’m going to have to try that chili! Hope all is well….I’m still trying to be patient. Thought last night might be it but it was not to be. Back to work this morning.

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