last week in photos

easter eggs
Easter eggs for Della’s school. 5 dozen, filled. They are having an Easter egg hunt this week at school.

trying this
I got this wheat grass sample for free from Whole Foods months and months ago. Finally I tried it and it was just not that great.

dinner prep
Starting dinner prep early in the day = why didn’t I think of this sooner?

still craving
Still craving celery and peanut butter.

good read
A good read with some really yummy looking recipes. I haven’t tried any yet though.

out for a walk
Out for a walk. She is desperately trying to keep up with her sisters.

Happy spring?

And then it snowed.

so tired
She has a really hard time waking up in the morning.

At the podiatrist for this odd foot pain…..

And I left with this boot. 3 weeks and then we will check to see if it’s better – apparently I have tendonitis.

new dresses
New dresses from grandma and grandpa from Mexico.

Cora's calendar
Cora made this for me at school, one of my favorite things in the house. They used their hand prints to make all kinds of shapes on each month.

The boot (and the belly). I hate wearing sneakers but it’s the only thing (without a heel) that comes close to matching the thickness of the boot.

sister's tap shoes
She always wears her sisters tap shoes while the girls at dance do their ballet. She loves the noise on the dance floor.

on the floor at dance
And she spends a fair amount of time on the floor at dance, upset at me about something.

Ada's new jams
New jammies.

Chocolate Chex – seriously addictive.

basketball tourney
Three girls watching the basketball tourney = one proud daddy. We aren’t basketball fans but during March Madness we watch it (I’m still not a fan).

Rifle Paper Co. notebooks at Target!

Brene on Oprah!

Culver’s custard.

cross stitch
Cross stitch. This has been one of the most frustrating projects I’ve worked on. I can manage to get one thing done and then I have to put it down for months because it makes me crazy.

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