monday: best of last week

two new (to me) blogs I’m enjoying:

What Would Gwyneth Do.

Lizzy in the Kitchen.

:: dealing with toddler tantrums video. love this. love the reminder that they can’t regulate their emotions and that they only have the brain power to see things from their own perspective. so helpful! ::

:: 21 Questions for Curtis Stone with a super yummy looking recipe for oven roasted shrimp & asparagus ::

:: Dove Beauty Ad a couple of friends posted this on facebook and I thought it was great ::

:: this ‘living with kids’ house tour is not my typical style but I still loved it. the way she describes her kids leaves me in tears ::

:: five favorites friday – postpartum edition ::

:: birthday biscuits – can I just say that I dream of the day the girls can help make sausages for breakfast? certainly soon? ::

:: on parenting. sort of. (via) ::

:: “Convenience reigned as completing tasks by myself was easier and quicker and shamefully indulged my perfectionist tendencies.independence. ::

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