monday: best of last week

:: file this away for next winter – surviving the winter months ::

:: cherry lowfat frozen yogurt recipe. this sounds delicious ::

:: living with kids – they had me at the wall of books in the first photo. gorgeous ::

:: I love following along with this vacation post (and the others from last week on the same blog). It gives me a few moments to escape, at least mentally ::

:: one pot wonder tomato basil pasta – someone try it and let me know how it is! ::

:: lemon buttermilk bundt cake ::

:: a birth story of sorts “That moment when you hear your baby utter their first, guttural cry and when you feel their warm, silky soft flesh on yours. The moment when they nod their tiny head all over your chest before latching on and learning to suck followed by sweet, connected slumber. That togetherness, that fierce lioness love.”  yes, a thousand times yes. ::

:: this is a nice post – thankful for therapy ::

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