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linking up with Jennifer once again…..

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:: 1 ::

It’s Friday! I survived my first week alone. My husband was off the first week and my mom was here a lot during the second week. Now Luisa is three weeks old! And I survived four kids.

:: 2 ::

I love this series on postpartum dressing that Grace wrote a guest post for. I’m fully in the thick of postpartum dressing and it’s frustrating even though I know better. Most of my tops are fitting (though, um, slightly tighter in the chest and stomach) but none of my bottoms are fitting (pants/shorts/etc) except a size up (dang I guess I didn’t realize my butt go so big?). There were some good tips in the posts in that series and if nothing else it gives you comfort knowing you aren’t alone in being frustrated dressing postpartum.

:: 3 ::

I posted on the Facebook page of Pampelonne after seeing a blurb about it in some magazine. Does that mean I have a drinking problem? Good news – you should be able to order it online by the end of the month.


:: 4 ::

Jennifer’s post that I linked to up there? Her number 1 point? I can relate. My two year old is pretty sweet most of the time until holy-cow-she-isn’t. Numerous times I’ve had to take her upstairs and put her in her bedroom so she could scream somewhere besides right next to me. She gets mad. And the baby? Super sweet but getting harder to get to sleep and it always seems to be the moment I’m getting her to sleep that the two year old gets mad. The joys of parenting more than one child.

:: 5 ::

Nursing bras. They are sure pretty, aren’t they? Not. But seriously, I haven’t had new ones since Della was a baby (I think) and mine are stretched out and not at all doing what they are supposed to be doing. What kind do you like?

I bought a new one of these to just replace my old ones. And while I like it, I kind of don’t love love it. So I’m looking for another. No wires.

:: 6 ::

I’m thinking about ordering this book after I read it has a section on colic and how to give a massage to help your baby poop. Yes, you read that right. Luisa really, really struggles to poop. She is up at night (often) grunting and screaming and trying so hard to poop. And sometimes gets it done but often not. So I wonder if this book will help or if it’s just a waste of money.


:: 7 ::

I don’t really have anything else. My brain is shot. I’m up every 1-2 hours all night. 3 if I’m lucky. So I’m tired. And my brain can not comprehend anything else. Happy weekend!

One thought on “seven quick takes

  1. #1 my midwife said it takes up to a year for all our internal organs to go back into place. the tendons/ligaments stretch out, especially pelvis and hips. so your butt didn’t get big (and neither did mine, ha, hardy, ha)

    #2 try those drops I sent you. 3-4 drops on belly, massage in a clockwise motion very gently. bicycle legs. all my babies struggle with gas/pooping until about 3-4 weeks old and then they learn to let ‘er rip.

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