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:: 1 ::

I swear there is some law of the universe that makes it so every time I take a baby to the doctor and it’s time to get a naked weight check on the baby she has pooped her diaper. I feel like I look like a negligent parent that doesn’t change her baby’s diaper. Every time!

:: 2 ::

Our CSA started this week and has me googling things like “what does kohlrabi look like” because I can’t tell the difference between the kohlrabi and bok choy and what the heck do I do with fennel? I thought it would be a good idea to do a CSA but I’m thinking with my baby brain it might have been a bad summer to do it!

:: 3 ::

I’ve been looking for summer, it’s been so cool here! Wednesday morning it was 76 but “feels like 86” and I thought, ok, summer is here. The humidity was what was missing. It’s hot now and while it’s good for swimming it’s not so good for baby wearing.

:: 4 ::

I just found out my favorite yoga studio is opening here soon! Yoga in a Catholic post? Yes, I go to yoga. No, I don’t think I’m going to hell for it. I am so, so excited that they are opening here. So excited. Makes my month.

:: 5 ::

I bought three packages of these macaroons in the last week. I’ve eaten all of them. Maybe I should stop buying said cookies? Delicious, especially dipped in melted chocolate.


:: 6 ::

Clare Vivier on the Glow. Love.

:: 7 ::

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and my husband!

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