monday: best of last week

:: how sick kids bring me closer to God ::

:: conversion diary link roundup ::

:: bacon and tomato frittata with basil. I’m a big frittata fan – no crust to worry about being dairy free! I made this last week and I loved it and the husband loved it. Della ate it fine, Ada wouldn’t touch it and Cora cried when I told her she had to at least try it. ::

:: rice stuffed tomatoes – the rice cooks in the tomato ::

:: living with kids – love this one! ::

:: what your kids can learn from Ashton Kutcher “The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful and being generous. Everything else is crap. I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it. Be smart. Be thoughtful and be generous.” ::

:: best ever chopped salad ::

:: Jim Gaffigan article (we love him) (via Haley) ::

:: “I’m sorry I put you on a 1200 calorie diet” – yes! yes! yes! at the bottom of the article there is a link to the original blog post and it’s wonderful. (via) ::

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