last week in photos

no clothes
she came outside without clothes on. because of course.

baby layers
winter layers. though it was pretty nice.

baby leaves
in the leaves.

November gratitude project is just going to keep going.

this was the weather at the beginning of the week.

you tube
youtube in the morning.

advent stockings
that is our little advent calendar stocking thing. each day has an activity in it – some are easy (color a picture) and some take more time on our part (go ice skating). it’s all activities that we want to include in December.

construction paper
“great for schools and daycares” – well, pretty much what I have, no?😉

late lunch. but worth the wait.

stripes, gingham, polka dots? aka ‘put on all the clothes, it’s cold’

a picture to show grandma and grandpa the sparkly dress they gave her for her birthday.

sunsets over the park again!

“I’m going to give she a kiss” – she mixes up her words and I love, love it. so sweet.

grey. it turned into winter this week.

Ada gingerbread house
Ada made a gingerbread house at preschool this week.

Lola came with us to pick up the girls from school but I think she was cold. she stayed under my coat next to the heated seat the whole time.

we made paper snowflakes to hang in the window.

sound of music
watched The Sound of Music (the live television one) and was not impressed.

st. nicholas
St. Nicholas came!

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea. can’t.stay.warm.

the husband left work early. I went shopping for jeans.

cookie and tea
and he made me cookies while I was gone! super husband.

post run baby snuggle
Saturday morning, 6 am, -3 degrees – and I made it out to run a little over 3 miles with the ladies. it was chilly! I was happy to nurse the baby and snuggle in a warm house after that run.


deconstructed cobb salad
deconstructed Cobb Salad for the girls.

cobb salad
Cobb Salad for the adults.

polar express at the zoo
the husband took the middle two girls to the zoo for their “polar express” ride and to meet Santa. Cora was home sick and it was too cold/snowy for the baby.

polar express at the zoo
they got to decorate cookies.

polar express at the zoo
not sure what this face is about.

polar express at the zoo
she was mad he was taking her picture and not just the cookie.

polar express at the zoo
it’s hard to be three.

and it snowed. and snowed.

snowy Sunday
so we watched the original Sound of Music movie and stayed in our pajamas and drank tea and ate allofthecookies.

peach crumble
and made peach crumble (with coconut oil instead of butter).

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