last week in photos (vacation recap)

We spent the last week in the Black Hills. We left Memorial Day and drove to Alliance Nebraska. The next day we drove to Custer South Dakota. We stayed in Custer from Tuesday until Saturday morning and then drove to Deadwood and stayed there so the husband could run a marathon Sunday morning. There are a lot of really fun photos from this trip. The trip was really fun. I don’t want to make anyone think it was all fun and not work. It was fun, a ton of fun. It was a lot of work though too. People didn’t sleep a lot of hours, lots of early mornings. Because of that, and lack of naps, and lack of structure, there seemed to be more meltdowns than usual. But it was worth it and I am so grateful for the experience. I hope to road trip again with my family next summer.

I’m going to do two separate posts… because I have a lot of pictures!

road trip!
road trip! we put the older three in the back seat and Luisa in the middle with the jump seat. gave us more room to move around.

sand hills
sand hills.

pool in Alliance
we drove part of the way Monday and stayed in Alliance. they had a nice (cheap) pool.

packing up
loading up the car the next morning. this isn’t all the stuff, we didn’t unpack the roof top carrier the nights we only stayed one night.

sleepy Ada.

Mammoth Site
Mammoth Site.

Mammoth Site
bone replica (femur?)

Mammoth Site
it was bigger than Ada!

outside Mammoth
outside the Mammoth Site.

Hot Springs
trying to get a picture in Hot Springs – pretty much all the pictures of the kids look like this. Ada trying to get away, the sun is too bright for Della, and Cora is trying to keep everything together.

ice cream
she figured out he was eating something good…

ice cream
so he shared.

driving from Hot Springs to Custer.


Cora in Custer.

these buffalo figures were all over Custer, the girls loved it.


breakfast in the cabin – we found kolaches at the grocery store in Custer.

Sylvan Lake
paddle boating at Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake
Ada at Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Lake.

needles highway
Needles Highway – I didn’t get any good photos because I was trying to stare ahead a lot to keep from feeling sick!

Mount Rushmore!

One of the questions on the Junior Ranger program was to talk to a Park Ranger. It was super sweet to hear them ask the Ranger the question.

another try at taking a picture.


junior rangers at Mt Rushmore
getting their junior ranger pins.

Alpine Slides
Alpine Slides – Kelly and Della.

Alpine Slides
they clearly loved the tram ride.

Alpine Slides
picture from the tram.

nap in the late afternoon.


One thought on “last week in photos (vacation recap)

  1. I have always wanted to do an alpine slide! Looks like you had a great time. :) Hope you can hold onto lots of happy memories!

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